Eve Batelle 1Please introduce yourself to our readers and let us know a little about who you are?

I am California Pole Angel, Eve Batelle. I’m a lot of things that can’t fit in a box and I’m unpredictable where I might be next. I started out running a group of promotional girls for conventions in SoCal & moved through the ranks until settling as a dancer & FemDomme.

You’re a blonde hair, blue-eye’d beauty, with a welcoming smile & a wicked charm that never goes unnoticed. You’re the head cheerleader, the prom queen & the girl you can take home to mom. No one would ever suspect that for a living, you whip boys into men. You’re a FemDomme. A highly dominant female. What exactly is a FemDomme and how did you become interested in this lifestyle?

A FemDomme is a Female Dominatrix. I control little boys & use them for my benefit & entertainment while they, in return, have their fantasy of a beautiful, strong, dominating woman controlling/punishing/humiliating them. Sometimes those little boys will always stay little boys, because that’s their role in life. They enjoy feeling that stiletto on their throat, so why WOULDN’T I take that opportunity to fulfill that? *giggle* I feel into it as I started to do simple clean fetish clips on clips4sale.com like cigarette smoking, hair washing, etc. I started getting requests for more clips of me using my height (5’9″) and personality to dominate them. The love just grew from there!

What is the difference between a FemDomme and just having a dominant personality as a female? How do you earn the title FemDomme and what are the specifics of your job? What makes a successful FemDomme & what mistakes do you see other FemDomme’s making?

Anyone can be dominant in personality without wanting to delve into the fetish side of things. There is a relationship built between a FemDomme and her sub, regardless of the fact that I am in control, there is still a give and take, a reciprocal benefit to our relationship. I have a fairly open mind, have done everything from chastity, humiliation, forced feminization, to more extreme acts of BDSM such as pain like CBT (cock and ball torture). The biggest mistakes I see are females who think they can become an “insta-domme” by demanding things instead of cultivating a relationship with your potential. Then I see others that are not as cautious as I think our world today warrants. When doing real-time sessions, I ALWAYS used an established location like the dungeons with security in place but also cater to the lifestyle so know how to give us the space we need. I’ve heard of many girls that meet alone at a hotel room with someone they’ve taken no measures to vet and it makes me worried every time. Safety is worth more than money!

Associated activities of being a FemDomme can consist of anything such as, role reversal, BDSM & even torture. Is this something that you practice with your “Slaves,” as they’re oftentimes referred to or do you have your own methods of domination?

I know I mentioned some above, so yes I definitely use those that you listed plus many more. I have an entire notebook full of games, challenges, punishments and rewards for things like training a boy in a chastity belt, keeping him from being able to play with his little pathetic sissy stick without my permission. I play games of chance that will make them do assignments or pay a fee when they lose. The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to how a Domme can control her little subbies lol

How long have you been a FemDomme and what are the common misconceptions people have about what it is that you do?

I shifted into this place a few years ago. Though I still do a wide variety of niche fetish work, much of it is focused around the worship of me, my feet, and domination. Many people STILL think I’m in porn, that I’ve always been in porn, just nobody ever can recall a scene I was in… Because I don’t have any! *giggle* As a FemDomme, even in my real-time sessions, no one gets to “play” with Mistress. I don’t do any pegging, I don’t get naked, I don’t jerk them off at the end of session. I am about the control over them, they submit to me. Never the other way around. In FinDom, people think it’s just a female demanding free money for nothing and being a brat. Yes, there are PLENTY of those out there, but those of us truly doing it for the love of it know it’s an ultimate controlling aspect. My fetish is money in the sense of people wanting to pay me because I fulfill some fantasy that no one else could. Whether it’s a low bid auction for a pair of my panties that earned $8 or a $500 tribute for a group of custom clips, I made that fantasy come true. There are guys I’ve reached in all corners of the earth by doing for them what their little perverted minds wanted, and in return, they do for me!

When it comes to your personal relationships, do you prefer your man to be more dominant than you are? Do you find it difficult to turn off or tone down the dominant part of yourself when you’re not working as a FemDomme?

I LOVE having a dominant man in a relationship. I can ONLY be with a dominant man lol The slaves all understand that I have no physical use for loser boys, a Goddess like me needs a REAL man! In all seriousness, I really do need a man that is my equal, but not afraid to take control. I’m exhausted from a day of training little subby boys, it’s nice to have a big man like my Alpha that I have now to just whisk me away.

Along with being a FemDomme, you are also a topless dancer, a fetish model & a FinDom, which has to do with Financial Domination. It’s fair to say you don’t live the same day twice. How did you get into topless dancing and what was going through your mind the moment your 6″ heels hit the stage floor?

I had been booking my girls for conventions and events for about 2 years when I had taken a trip to NYC for a convention with a promoter. Yada yada yada, long story short, I came back extremely broke and had no idea what to do. My friend worked at a topless club in North Hollywood and he told me to come in during a day shift just to try it out. The second my heels hit the stage as I walked through the stage curtain, my adrenalin was pumping, my head kind of spinning, almost dizzy with jitters… And then I rocked it and it felt GOOD! I had grown up dancing my whole life in ballet but blown out my knee dancing in NYC. This gave me a new dancing life and it was fantastic.

What was it like getting topless for the first time in front of complete strangers? Were you nervous or did the thought of commanding the attention of people you didn’t know turn you on?

Once I got past my spinning head, it was exciting just to be performing, dancing on a stage again. I had missed performing, as you said, commanding the attention of everyone in the room, missed the happiness I felt just getting to dance. I got to feel graceful all over again.

What does it take to be a successful stripper? Is it more about the pole tricks or the seduction? What are some of your tips and tricks that help you earn more money? How long have you been dancing and what are some of the biggest mistakes you see strippers make?

A dancer has to have confidence to make themselves stand out and shine. As a baby stripper, a girl may not have confidence in the assortment of new moves they’re trying to learn, but if they can do their thing and come off stage to talk to customers confident about herself, people won’t care the type of tricks they don’t know yet. Obviously a female with an array of amazing pole tricks will get her attention too, playing the game on the floor works equally well.

There are always dangerous things you can get caught up in when you’re at clubs, bars, adult industry or not. Staying focused will keep you making money. In my 5 years stripping I’ve watched good girls get caught up in drugs, the fast lifestyle, and come in each shift broke, strung out and needing more instead of saving for whatever their initial reason for starting was. It is possible to make a lot of money, but it’s also equally possible to get caught up in a cycle that’s so hard to break.

UEve Batelle 2sually the next career jump from being a stripper, is transitioning into adult films, which makes you quite the anomaly. Every porn offer is met with a resounding NO. Some of your nearest & dearest are porn stars & pornographers. Tony Batman even gave you your amazing stage name. I respect your decision wholeheartedly, but I am curious… Have you ever entertained the idea of shooting adult films or perhaps creating your own personal adult website? Was there ever a moment, however brief, where you thought that maybe you’d like to experience shooting an adult scene?

Everyone is always curious, even asking if I have at least a sex tape somewhere (Nope!). I have watched a lot of dear friends shooting their scenes, I’ve even been asked to do a comical cameo walking by the camera while reading a book, and it’s just never been something that piqued my interest. I know! Weird. Why? I don’t know. The same way I know I don’t have an interest in painting. It’s beautiful, fun, I can appreciate it in all its beauty, I just am not drawn to it. Do I love flirting with that line at times? Of course, I sometimes really push it, like in my photos, but I just giggle and skip back to my side when it gets too close.

From a third party perspective, what are your thoughts, the good, bad & the ugly, about the adult entertainment industry and after plenty of offers to shoot porn for this industry, what has kept you so assertive in your decision to never shoot adult content?

The adult industry is really no different than any other industry when it comes to certain things. You have to be smart about the friends that you keep, the jobs you take, the things you do. As with anywhere else, you make bad choices you get in bad situations. I’ve seen people get out of the industry and vilify everything about it. Yes, some people have had truly terrible experiences. Keeping as much as possible in your control, leaving little to chance, will help ensure the experience is positive. Honestly, aside from just my own personal lack of interest in personally getting on film, watching others triumphs and mistakes all helped reassure me I had made the right decision for me years ago.

And onward we march. Explain in detail what exactly a FinDom is to our readers. I know that it has to do with financial domination, forcing a “submissive” or “Slave” to give money to the dominant. What acts do you use or perform in order for the “PayPig”, which is another term used for the submissive, to comply with your demand? Is it verbal or physical abuse? Both? How long have you been practicing being a FinDom & what kind of complications or bad experiences have you encountered while being both a FemDomme and a FinDom? 

To even be considered for a paypig spot, they first have to send a tribute of cash gift cards or gifts. This is to show they truly are willing to be financially submissive to their Goddess/Mistress. With my slaves, once they have proven themselves loyal through any series of tasks I may give, then we talk about a monthly payment arrangement to ensure I am spoiled by the worthless pig as I should be. The pigs do not get anything in return for submitting a tribute because they are not worthy of their money. I am far superior and they know pampering me is a fulfillment they can’t get elsewhere. They submit their financials and I decide what bills they pay when, how much they are allowed to spend on things. It’s all about financial control. A mind fuck verbally, but almost nothing physically is needed. The biggest and almost only complaint I’ve had over the last 2 years of FinDom is timewasters. There are guys that get off to promising payments, acting the part of a sub, then running at the moment of payment. Guys that buy gifts then cancel them after they receive attention. Broke ass losers that think they can get free jerk off material. I’ve learned to enjoy getting them blacklisted and just laugh it away.

What advice and safety tips would you give to someone just starting out as a FemDomme or wanting to become a part of the BDSM lifestyle? 

If you questions the safety of a situation, just don’t do it. Start out online, exploring the communities, talking to other seasoned Dommes, get a true feel for what this all entails. Always make sure you have open communication with your slave(s), as BDSM IS about informed consent. I may control the pervy little slave boys, but it is what they are seeking.

You’ve been modeling for quite a few years, but have recently become a fetish model. Do you have any strange fetishes yourself that you would like to share with our readers and your fans? What has been the craziest fetish photo shoot that you’ve done & what has been your favorite & least favorite fetish shoots?

Haha well, my fetish is findom/femdom, but I do have a weird thing I like to watch youtube clips of… (Maybe you don’t want to include this in your article since it’s so NOT sexy hahaha) but I’m one of those girls that is a zit-popper. Blackheads, whiteheads, it just needs to get out of the skin I’m looking at.

My craziest fetish shoot so far has been one tape bondage photoset that I did. It was very amateur, impromptu photo shoot with one of my long-time friends and learning photographers. It was a very strange feeling for me, being in a submissive situation where I was completely duct taped, with nothing but the tape covering all the “important parts”. I have been very blessed in that I have never had a shoot I didn’t enjoy. I control every project I do, so I have the ability to say “No” to things I’m not comfortable with or am unsure about. As for my least favorite requests I’ve gotten? I had someone ask me to trample LIVE baby turtles under my bare feet! Are you kidding me?! *shivers*

Stripper, FemDomme, FinDom, Fetish Model. Porn should have been listed somewhere in between stripper & FemDomme, but that ship hit an iceberg and sank. It’s quite amazing that you are very much a part of the adult entertainment world and did it without shooting any pornography. What goals do you have that you have yet to accomplish and what is your major game plan for the future? Any plans to do any mainstream projects?

My goal/future game plan is to set up a safe place for girls to learn about and explore their options when it comes to fetish, or even just simply making money. As you said, I’ve never done anything nude/pornographic, and that was a choice I knew was available to me getting into the adult industry because I have amazing friends that were veterans of the industry and understood what I was looking for in the adult arena. Between all the different sites that focus on different fetishes or levels of experience, there is a huge market for women to explore that many don’t know of. In dancing, modeling, etc, I’ve met so many beautiful, wonderful women that work so hard, yet still seem to be out of reach of their goals. Strippers throw out their broken heels instead of putting them up for auction to make a bunch of money with the foot fetish boys. Models repeatedly buy new outfits to keep their photoshoots fresh and unique, but don’t know they can make so much selling the exact outfit that has been rendered useless after one shoot. They need to know there is a whole other part of this industry they can tap into.

While I would love to return to acting in some mainstream project, I do not currently have any in the works. Unfortunately some health issues have put any new projects on the backburner until I return in full force, ready to kick some ass! 😉

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And who can forget my porn-bestie… YOU!!! My sexy Scarlett Fay 🙂 Without you and all the other girls that helped me start my business, I wouldn’t have made it. You guys were my support, my rays of sunshine in the dark, and all that other warm, fuzzy shit we need to get through tough times.
Thank you and know how much I love you!