Chatsworth, Calif. — Adult talent representation companies Type 9 Models, OC Modeling and ATM/LA have announced their separation from the Licensed Adult Talent Agency Trade Association, LATATA, which was organized by Derek Hay of LA Direct Models, effective January 16, 2012. The three companies are starting a new trade association to be called Agency Licensed Trade Association, ALTA.

“We believe that the idea of a trade association is good, but our belief is to operate it differently from other associations,” The ALTA partners said in a prepared statement. “ALTA is an organization about unity, trust and respect of the individuals in our industry. We do not believe in strong-arming or making it difficult for talent to succeed.

“We hope with the new organization we can work more closely with production and talent to make work conditions smoother and more efficient for all parties.”

The three agencies will be finishing all joint events previously arranged at this year’s AVN Adult Entertainment Expo.

Licensed agency wanting to participate in ALTA can contact, or