Philadelphia, PA … TLA RAW presents the very first bracket-style tournament to determine porn’s greatest stars, past and present, in the inaugural Battle Of The Superstars. The team at TLA RAW has narrowed down the list of adult industry heavyweights to 32 of the hottest adult film performers. Contenders in each round will be selected by fans until there is only one winner: The Greatest Superstar of Porn. For more information on the Battle of the Superstars, please visit

“We find ourselves steeped in conflict all the time – both verbal and physical – about who is porn’s greatest star, said Content Marketing Manager Cody Short. “Rather than resort to childish name calling and fist-fighting, as we’ve done so often in the past, we thought we’d present a more fair and effective way of deciding who’s really the best. We chose 32 of the hottest performers past and present (and probably forgot some big names, so please forgive us) and lined them up next to each other in a no-holds barred grudge match. It will be brutal but fair.”

TLA RAW wants to answer the proverbial question: who is the best of the best…pornstar? To narrow down the selection, the distinguished panel of porn-geeks at TLA RAW has chosen 32 of porn’s all-time greatest entertainer from the past and present. Fans can now cast their vote for the sexiest, hottest star and let the tournament to find The Greatest Superstar of Porn.

Fans who vote will be given a unique one-time sale code that can be used to save up to 25% off their order at up to one week after the code is issued.