SAN DIEGO — TrafficHaus and DigiRegs have entered a deal with Naughty America, with the latter providing content to tube sites in exchange for advertising using TrafficHaus and DigiRegs copyright protection.

According to the company, the partnership generated “thousands in ad revenues in just one week,” with Naughty America offering thousands of videos from 15-30 minutes long in exchange for a unique ad unit and workflow created by TrafficHaus.

“Tube sites get fresh new exclusive content, and content producers make money off the advertising share,” says a company spokesperson. “We are making the YouTube revenue share model available to everyone.”

The spokesperson notes that instead of spending money removing content and fighting piracy, Naughty America has decided to embrace it while keeping its recent exclusive content off pirate sites.

“We are excited that we can utilize our partner program to distribute additional high-quality content to video streaming sites allowing the content producers to generate additional revenue from their older content and provide our publishers and strategic partners with fresh legal content,” says TrafficHaus COO Morten Due. “This has proven to be beneficial even to sites that have content partner channels.”

The spokesperson explains that the process is simple.

“When we locate the content of our customers on some of the partner sites, they have the option to choose whether they want the content to be simply removed or replaced with an official brand trailer, or leave the content and earn a share of the revenue generated from that video,” the spokesperson says. “This tube content monetization leads the customer in full control of where its content is, and what it is doing.”

“Our goal is to unite the content producers and work together to eliminate the large-scale, malicious piracy that is occurring within the industry,” DigiRegs CTO and co-founder Anton Bilobrov explains, “to protect and empower creators to take back control of their content.”

The new program will be displayed at The European Summit in Lisbon on March 1-4.

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