From Standard 17

Cast: Geoffrey Lewis, Phil Donlon, David Yow, Scarlett Fay, Ernie Hudson, Eddie Jemison, Lindsey Haun, Jason James Richter, David Proval, Camilla Cleese, Peter Jason

Synopsis: Phil (Phil Donlon) is a man who has dedicated his life to playing baseball, but compared to his legendary dad, Len Harding (Geoffrey Lewis), he’s a failure at the game. At 33, Phil is still trying to make it to the big leagues and escape the shadow of his famous and domineering father. But his marriage is falling apart, he is broke, and he’s just been released by the last team he thought could give him a shot at “the bigs.” Everyone is telling Phil that his time on the field is over, but Phil’s not ready to quit. Instead, he embarks on a desperate and dangerous quest to keep his dream alive by any means necessary.

Editors Note: I want to think the filmmakers and especially Scarlett Fay for getting me this trailer. Can’t wait to see it guys.