TRUST Intimacy Oil is in stock and ready to ship just in time for the holiday season. TRUST is made of all natural ingredients that are both vegan and kosher. The massage and sensual enhancement oil was originally formulated by Daniel Ray in 2009 for personal use.

“TRUST was not originally intended to be a commercial product,” he explains. “I was simply making my own massage oils for my personal exploration of therapeutic, sensual and tantric massage. Many of my friends already considered me an information point for sex education and massage. Some asked to try my oil and once they did they came back for more.”

Demand for TRUST Intimacy Oil became so great Daniel officially did a soft launch of his inaugural product in April of 2011. He has since beefed up production and is ready to fulfill wholesale orders with a unique sensual enhancement product that is perfect for the upcoming holiday seasons.

TRUST Intimacy Oil has been featured by Women’s Health Magazine, on Playboy Radio and endorsed by some of the most respected sex educators including Dr. Patti Britton, Susan Crain Bakos, Reid Mihalko, Tristan Taomino and more. The oil is a simple blend of grape seed, avocado, and apricot kernel oils, all of which not only enhance sensual play and massage, but strengthen, moisturize and heal the skin.

“Most other massage oils are designed solely for external use, using cheap ingredients,” Daniel continues. “The formula absorbs naturally, allowing for a quality massage without a shower afterward. TRUST ingredients are safe for ingestion as well, so you don’t have to wash it off or switch products when transitioning from massage to oral foreplay.”

TRUST Intimacy Oil is pH balanced and can improve vaginal health when used properly. Unlike plastic bottles, which breathe and shorten the shelf life of massage oils, TRUST comes in gorgeous and discreet cobalt blue recyclable glass bottles, which keep out light that can break down oils. Packaging is simple and discreet and can be left on a nightstand without embarrassment of anyone who happens to see it.