Venice, CA – Chrystal Rose better be somewhere near a cell tower this week, because she’s doing interviews all over the place and fans won’t want to miss a word from the author of Unfaithfully Yours: Confessions of a Cheating Bitch.

She kicks things off this Tuesday when she will join Uncle Eddie for the Ham Radio Show, noon ET appearance (that’s 9 a.m. for you West Coasters).

As the skies darken Wednesday evening she will join Kris & Berman, who will stop talking about their weekend antics and near-misses long enough to find out the female perspective on relationships. Who knows, maybe they’ll learn something.

Then on Thursday night she will conclude the week’s tour of live appearances when she hits the What’s Brewin After Dark show. It’s a late night show

Uncle Eddie: Tues, noon ET: Submit questions at Listen live at The show starts at 9 am ET, giving them plenty of time to warm up before Chrystal comes on.
Kris & Berman: Wed., 6-8 pm ET. Follow them on Twitter @KrisandBerman. Also check out @themixxradio.
What’s Brewin After Dark: The show starts at 10 pm PST and can be heard at

For more on Chrystal Rose go to Buy her book on, available in both the old-fashioned paper format ( and the new electronic version for your Kindle (

Her blog can be found at Her latest post is ‘So You Want to Date a Divorcee.’ It’s not as simple as it sounds, if it sounds simple. Follow her on Twitter at @Xtal_Rose.