Velvet VR Announces Investment Opportunity in Groundbreaking Virtual Reality Technology

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(Henderson, NV) — Velvet VR announces the official launch of its brand-new investment round aimed at revolutionizing the adult entertainment industry with its state-of-the-art virtual reality (VR) technology.
Velvet VR has so far achieved a significant milestone in creating a livestreaming, immersive and interactive VR experience that offer advancements such as simulated real-time interaction, increased resolution, and fully immersive 360 LIVE VR streaming, where users can enter a room with a performer and move around, interacting in a completely safe environment.
With the technology already 60% to %70 developed, Velvet VR isn’t starting from scratch. The company proudly holds five approved patents for its exclusive technology, with more on the way. This technology is the only one of its kind, patented for real-time, live streaming in a fully immersive VR environment. Velvet VR’s studio in Henderson, Nevada, will be equipped with the largest availability of fiber optic trunks in the state and will serves as the backbone for streaming high-resolution VR and AR content, setting new benchmarks in the quality of virtual interaction.
“The adult entertainment landscape is on the brink of a monumental shift, propelled by immersive, virtual technologies that open vast opportunities for pioneers in the space,” said a Velvet VR company rep. “Velvet VR stands alone with its patented technology for real-time, live streaming in full VR. Today, while live streaming represents a lucrative market, we’re the only ones bridging the gap to the VR/AR mixed reality universe—a market poised for widespread adoption with the introduction of devices like the Apple Vision Pro.”
The investment round aims to raise $8 million at a $40 million post-money valuation. The funds will be allocated to building the first live cam studio utilizing patented technology, further developing the product for artists and users, and creating a robust marketing campaign to expand the customer base. With an executive team of industry veterans at the helm, Velvet VR is poised to achieve $6.5 million in revenue within the next 12 months, increase its user base to 500,000, and secure white label licensing deals with three key players.
Velvet VR’s proprietary 3D/360/spatial live cam content and socialized fantasy game-building content offer a unique platform for monetization through advertising, subscriptions, VIP passes, asset purchasing, and gaming revenue. This technology caters to a broad audience across multiple devices, including premium headsets, mobile phones, and the web, ensuring an unparalleled virtual experience.
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