Hello Lovers,
You know me, I am all about blending and equality. However,  I do recognize that we have cultural differences and they do affect all sorts of areas of our lives. I have definitely come to realize that as a Chinese-Mongolian-American Adult Actress in the United States and, well, just by living and breathing. There are definitely stereotypes and I encounter them on a daily basis. Here are the five most common ones I face down everyday.



Dude, I’m from San Francisco.

The question I get asked most often is, ‘Where do you come from?’. Most people automatically assume I am an immigrant. No, I am not from some far off exotic land or impoverished third world country…well, I can’t dictate your personal view of San Francisco but, I digress. I still find it odd that most people I meet ask if I am from Thailand because I am a transsexual actress. Like trans Asians are perpetually immigrating from Thai shores to America. Please.

I don’t see color.

Maybe this is something a reader can write in and tell me the origins of. Why am I constantly asked if I am prejudiced against black people because I’m Asian? Why is this a thing? I have dated  many African Americans, hell, I’ve dated the rainbow. I don’t limit myself in any other facet of my life, good friends are hard to find and dating is hard enough. In 2015, why would I make it worse?

My penis. Yeah.

“You have a really huge penis for an Asian”. Thanks, but it’s sorta standard. That is all.

Asian Women are submissive.
Yeah. That stereotype definitely does NOT apply to me. Someone is in for a rude awakening if they think I am going to be submissive. I’m not some shrinking violet. I am definitely a typical, head strong, American woman. Not to say that I can’t show my softer side with the right man, but  if you expect me to spoon feed you ice cream while massaging your feet, I strongly recommend you look elsewhere.

You must be really good at Math.

Okay. I admit it. I am freakishly gifted at mathematics. I could easily crunch numbers for a living. I love my money! I adore the luxurious life, amazing cuisine and, of course, shoes, and all that doesn’t come to a girl who doesn’t keep track of her own bottom line. Yeah, fellas, I can stun you in bed and get your financials in order. This is one stereotype I will gladly own.