I was recently told about a famous porn star, a genetic girl who said in an interview with AVN that she loves being called a “whore” when she’s filming, but she finds it offensive when someone calls her that off-camera.

I understand that. I know how guys love to call us “bitch,” “whore” and “slut” in bed, and we love it — because it turns us on, since it’s done behind closed doors and we don’t hear it on a daily basis. But when you call us those terms outside the bedroom doors where status, respect, and image are at stake, they spark a nerve.

When you’re out in public, you want to be respected but when you’re working on a film, you want to make something hot and erotic and sexy. You want to up the ante, and my feeling is, “Yeah, call me a whore, call me a bitch, or whatever.” It can be very liberating, because that kind of situation is not what you would normally encounter. But because we do not hear these words often on a daily basis, there is a social stigma attached to it.

This situation applies to the gay world, where gay guys will call each other “bitch.” They use this term to address each other, like “Hey bitch, how are you?” So the word “bitch” transitions from a derogatory term to a pronoun, and what is recognized then becomes more accepted. It’s a label, and labels don’t bother me, especially in the transsexual and transgender community where there are so many gray areas — you have to decide for yourself whether or not to have boobs or whether you have to have an ass, so you can look like a girl and act like a girl. When it comes to sexuality and gender identity, there are always going to be stereotypes and conflicts.

It’s a matter of understanding and knowledge. There is no education system for this. People can call us all kinds of names because we are a so-called “third gender,” and so we need ways to express ourselves in an acceptable manner. That’s why Hugh Hefner is my idol. He is my Warren Buffett. He found a way to take sexuality into the mainstream with Playboy magazine, which was his platform. I don’t see why I can’t do the same someday for transsexual girls, so that we can be presented in an appealing way.

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As I like to say, what I am doing does not make me a whore. What I do does not make me who I am. Porn is merely the path I have chosen, a platform I need to express myself. Yes, I am still new to the business, but I plan to get my name out there for people to take notice, for things to happen, and for me to fulfill my dreams.