Some exciting new things have been happening lately, foremost of which was the launch of my first-ever lube. Yes, I am now one of the very few t-girls to have my own lube! I am also working on getting my own Fleshlight and my own toy line, but right now I love this water-based silicone lube that’s so easy to clean. They come in these eight-ounce bottles, and I had a few of them for sale recently at the Adultcon convention.

That event itself was quite fun even though it didn’t start out that way. At first, I felt a little lonely because I was the only transsexual signing autographs in a booth with a bunch of genetic girls. This later turned out in my favor, because I managed to create some new fans. People were overlooking me until I started playing my DVDs in the background, and that’s when they suddenly realized that I’m a transsexual!

I had a lot of them call me up afterwards, because I gave them my business card and they had so many questions to ask me, which usually began with: “I’m so curious now, you know I’ve never spoken to a transsexual before!” I received a lot of that kind of response, so what happened was I converted a lot of straight guys. I sold a lot of DVDs and a lot of my pictures, and I definitely would do it again because I see it as a form of outreach, a way of bringing awareness. Most transsexuals don’t go to conventions because they don’t make money at these things, but I do them because I actually do want to be the role model for the transsexual adult film industry.

Lately, I have also been doing Internet radio shows where they interview me, and these are usually informative interviews for the general audience. They’re less about me and more about educating people about transsexuals. People want to know what it’s like to be a transsexual perfomer and I enjoy putting myself out there as a resource for others to get information. We need a spokesperson for that, especially from a male-to-female perspective (since I was a biological male) and I often get comments along the lines of “Oh, you look very pretty!” or “Oh, you don’t look like a transsexual!” I’m fine with that as long as people feel that I don’t portray a negative image of transsexuals. We are all raised with stereotypes that are embedded into our minds since day one, since we are born, of what a woman should be and what a man should be and how things are supposed to be.

Of course, when I think back, it’s ironic that all this happened because I was in a desperate point in my life, where options were scarce and resources were low. It was a big step for me when I crossed over to porn. But it was perfect, actually, because I get pleasure from entertaining. I see it as a way of making sure people are well taken care of – like doing hospitality work, which brings me fulfillment — and I actually do enjoy having sex with people I don’t even know. It can be so exciting and so, this career really works for me.

Now that I’m almost a whole year into my career as a porn professional, I feel ready to address some real issues – like what happens to transsexuals when they get older, about how girls like me envision their future inside and outside of porn, and how they see marriage, children and having a family. I have overwhelming urges to have a partner even though it’s almost impossible to do that right now. So much is going on with my career, so simple things like traveling and hanging out with friends can be difficult, believe it or not.

And on that note, it’s back to work – I’m about to launch my online store, where I will be selling my panties, clothing from shoots and other porn mementos. A guy already offered to pay me $100 to sell him a pack of cigarettes with my lipstick on each cigarette! You can’t ever know what to expect from me but you can always expect new projects and surprises.