Hello, Lovers!
The holidays are over and now we all return to work and our personal missions and quests. Of course, one of my goals this year is to find “Mr. Right” and stop meeting “Mr. Wrong”. For all of us single girls out there, it’s a challenge. As coincidence would have it,  one of my fans wrote in asking about my dating challenges recently.

Now that you are one of the top rated TS performers do you find it easier or harder to meet a potential partner? I know there are a lot of guys who just want to live the fantasy out there so are you more cautious now when it comes to dating?


I have to say, it’s a little bit of both.  Being a well-known Adult Performer has its dating benefits but brings romantic pitfalls as well. It breaks the ice in a sense because it’s right up front in the open. I don’t have to hide the fact that I’m TS to every potential suitor because they already know who I am in most cases. I love what I do and I’m proud to do it. I like not having to explain what my profession is so I can focus on getting to know someone.

On the other hand, it brings a whole lot of what I don’t want to the table as well. It can be difficult for men to take me seriously and respect me. They tend to think that because this is my job this is all I am. Which, of course, is not true. Most times, I’m ogled as a fantasy or fetish and not as just a normal woman. So I have definitely noticed I’m more cautious in putting myself out there, I want to make sure the guy is worth it first, before I give my heart away.

So honestly, the pool is definitely larger but finding a long term partner is tough. My ideal man will have to compliment me as a person, add to the life I am leading and not want me to change who I am or drop everything to fit into his world. My life is all about balance, and I want to have a future that keeps my career, family and friends and passions on equal footing with my love life. I truly want to have it all.  I’m planning on living my life with an amazing man , I just haven’t met him yet. I may turn a corner tomorrow and be completely swept off my feet….a girl can dream, and this girl dreams big.


A Venus Lux 6

Venus Lux is a Transsexual Adult Performer, Director, Producer and CEO of Lux Entertainment. This is an advice column for the Trans Community and those that love them. Each week , Venus fields questions from all of you and picks one that covers a different aspect of the Trans world, from love to life to sex to transition. If you want Venus Lux to answer your question in her next column send your question and/or explain your issue in an email to:   fans@venus-lux.com