Hello Lovers!
Being a part of the surge of transsexual culture has been amazing. I have met so many positive people and had amazing experiences over the past decade. I am so grateful to be on this side of history and able to enjoy my life comfortably in my own skin. However, being the ‘third sex’ can also be like wearing a ‘Scarlet A’ at times . Judgements are made and accusations are thrown perpetually about the nature of a trans person before they even open their mouth to speak. I think this is more than being transsexual though. I am not saying that my brothers don’t suffer discrimination as much as my sisters, but I think this is specifically about being a transgendered woman.

In my experience, there is a general assumption amongst males in society that every transsexual is a prostitute or somehow involved in the sex industry. Now, yes, I am in porn,  it’s what I have chosen, and what I enjoy, but I am not every trans woman. I am a woman, however, that has felt more than her fair share of objectification since transition by men in general. Of course, misogyny is not a new thing, but I find that this takes the Madonna/Whore complex to a new level. If you go glam and get photographed with men in exorbitant surroundings and you are trans you get labeled a prostitute. If you wear conservative clothes and try to walk the straightest, narrowest path you are a man-hating trans-feminist. We can’t win. We are not all black and white, we are subtle shades of gray, like all women.

Men wonder why women are crazy. Impossible standards and expectations, that’s why. Stereotypes, pigeon holes, objectification, and sexualization are definitely factors. They aren’t only being hurled by males either, they are coming from the media and other females with low self-esteem that hold fast to this male perception of what a woman is.

Yes, this is a man’s world. Not to say I am without hope though. As both women and trans women take on higher job positions, become more prevalent in the media, and hold elected office, the tide may indeed be turning. As equality grows, I imagine this behavior will fade all together but I suppose it won’t change until we regard each other as human beings first, rather than by gender.

I want to hear from my readers on this subject, biological males, females and trans alike. Women write me with your personal experience, men let me know your thoughts on the subject. I want to know. Is misogyny and chauvinism decreasing every day or rising at an abnormal rate?