Hello, Lovers!!
These are exciting times we live in! The social changes afoot run the gamut, from recreational marijuana use to LGBT civil rights, people are being challenged to look at the country from new perspectives.  Many who saw things in a polar way are beginning to understand we are not so different after all, we just pursue different passions and beliefs. A happy byproduct of this is that the Transsexual community is finally coming into our own. We are no longer a novelty or a caricature, we are a part of the mainstream, and to me, that is incredibly amazing. This may just be the year of the transsexual.

A decade ago, as I began to desire and explore my transformation, there were very few sources of positive information and almost no role models. Now the TS community is highly visible and is embraced more and more each passing year.  Not only are there amazing forums and websites to answer every possible question one might have, but there is also so much testament to the human experience that it takes the fear out of the process of transitioning as well as simply living openly.  Today, transsexuals are high profile models, activists, filmmakers and even rock stars and I adore it.

In my opinion, the Adult Industry is breaking that final frontier down even further. Transsexuals and transgenders are now getting recognition on a par with mainstream Adult film. We are stepping beyond the niche that we have been in and reaching a broader international audience. Personally, I am enjoying much success and exposure, so I feel a sort of duty to be an ambassador of the TS genre overseas.  I’m currently in the process of planning a tour of Europe and Asia and can’t wait to share what we do in The States as well as find out the variances of TS culture around the globe.  Don’t worry loyal readers, while I am abroad I will still write my columns, keep a video diary, shoot interviews and post plenty of pictures. I am so excited to see where my path leads and show it to you!

We’ve come a long way baby……… and I’m taking you all with me.