Hello Lovers,
Each week, in addition to the requests for advice I receive, I also get lots of personal questions from my fans. Some are wild and crazy, some are heartfelt and sincere. I consider myself an extremely open minded woman but it got me to thinking:  there are just some questions that you should never ask a TS.
Sometimes not knowing what to say is just as important as knowing what to say. Over the last few years I’ve heard some jaw droppers. So, I’ve compiled this list of the top 5 things you should never say to a TS lady.


1. Are those natural?
Oh yes, I just woke up one morning and there they were. When you wish upon a star…Please guys, this is common sense. Just like any other woman, I don’t want to discuss my body modifications with you.

2. Do you have a vagina or a penis?
When you lead off with a question about surgery it disregards every other aspect of me as a person–You would never ask anyone else you just met about their genitalia, would you?

3. You are very tall and muscular.
I don’t think there is one woman on the face of the Earth who wants to hear this “compliment”. Enough said.

4. I know tons of Transsexuals, in fact I know some of your TS girlfriends.
I gotta say, it makes me wonder why you’re saying this.  Do you want me as a woman or an experience? Beyond that, what lady wants to know you are hanging around her female friends? Not cool.

5. Do you escort and prostitute?
Ask yourself…when is this an appropriate question to anyone?



A Venus Lux 6

Venus Lux is a Transsexual Adult Performer, Director, Producer and CEO of Lux Entertainment. This is an advice column for the Trans Community and those that love them. Each week , Venus fields questions from all of you and picks one that covers a different aspect of the Trans world, from love to life to sex to transition. If you want Venus Lux to answer your question in her next column send your question and/or explain your issue in an email to:   fans@venus-lux.com