Hello, Lovers!
As you all know, I am a woman who owns my own business and am very hands on. I create my content, oversee my website and make every decision on my own. Yet when I try to talk shop with men in the Industry, they treat me as if I’m just some chick that gets fucked on film. As if I had no business sense whatsoever. For the many reasons I have listed here, I know I am more than capable and feel that my gender actually blinds males around me from taking me seriously. When I am approached with opportunities, it’s solely as a piece of meat. I have to bite my tongue to keep from saying, “You do know I own my own production company, right ?”. I am never approached with a beginning intent of equal partnership. Which is all us women are really looking for. No special treatment or exception, just a fair playing field. That goes double for trans women.

Admittedly, the Adult Entertainment Industry is tough for most women, save the rarity of a Jenna Jameson, which I am clearly not. Those of us that don’t fit the cookie cutter find it even harder to climb the ladder in a field dictated by men. It takes a lot for a woman to command that sort of respect and financial clout and those that get there aren’t even truly able to push the doors open for their female compadres. I find it interesting that an industry that depends on females to thrive keeps them locked at a lower tier of involvement. The sex is not the disparaging part of my job,  the way I am treated as an airhead unable to conduct business, however, is.

Not to be said that some of my sisters aren’t cutting a better path ahead for us, it’s just long coming and slow going. Women like Jessica Drake and Tara Patrick are definitely balling right alongside the boys, but have to fight three times as hard to stay in the game. We still have so much farther to go until females can truly take their rightful place in the profession and that’s across the board. Huge corporations like Google, Apple and Amazon still have a huge gender gap in their employee ratios. Small town business and municipal jobs still primarily rotate around a male base. Whether or not it’s intentional, subconscious or simply ingrained in our culture, misogyny is rearing it’s ugly head in a time when we should be well past it. Of course there is also a bias against trans females from biological females as well, but I don’t think that will truly change until more trans women take on high corporate positions across a span of genres.

Finally, this will be my last column for AIP Daily. It has been a pleasure to be a part of your life every week and don’t worry, I’ll be writing again soon as I launch my trans lifestyle webpage, with articles from everything from what to wear to the latest strides in trans equality.

Until we meet again…