Some say women are crazy and some say transsexuals are crazier. So, what is the difference, besides the fact transsexual women can’t shoot a
baby out their vaginas or that most transsexual women have a ding dong?! This is a topic I encounter quite often when I meet a straight man either virtually or physically, who is totally oblivious to the fact that I was born male and now identify as a woman. Some men approach the topic with respectful curiosity and say things like, ”Please help me understand what a transsexual is, as I am not familiar.” And some approach with crude ignorance and ask, “Whoa, so you’re a man? You have a dick!” It all comes down to the point to whether you’re opened-minded about transsexuals or not.

Transsexual women identify as women and live their lives just like any other genetic women. So, what is the difference? We should NOT be
confused with drag queens or cross dressers. Transsexuals fall under the umbrella term of transgender, which is the transitioning from one gender to another either in appearance, mentally, in an anatomical transformation or all of the above, and have existed since the dawn of humanity. We date back from Native American Two-Spirited/Berdache Shamans, South Asian Hijara religious leaders, and to Samoan Fa’afafine. Transsexual women have long been welcomed into many cultures and societies and treated equally, if not better than genetic women. As a transsexual woman, I personally feel no different than any other woman walking down the street, and I’m entitled to be treated equally as other women.

My journey of transitioning to a transsexual woman has been inspirational, educational, liberating, and fulfilling. The experience has had its ups and downs, but I’m resilient, educated and provide more insight to others about transsexuals based on my experience and perspective. So, what
are the main differences and similarities of a woman and a transsexual woman? For one, transsexual women don’t have periods! Hallelujah!

Transsexual women having been born male will of course have their cocks, unless they got sex reassignment surgery (AKA SRS or getting a vagina). Appearance-wise, we vary depending on cosmetic surgery and genetics along with hormone therapy. Unlike genetic women who naturally produce estrogen, transsexual women take estrogen hormones, which sometimes make us a bit “Cuckoo for Coco Puffs”. Hormones feminize our bodies and give us fat distribution, but they don’t alter our voice or feminize our faces. Other than that, typical transsexual women look, act, and behave just like any genetic women. Who knows…your boss or your co-worker could very well be a transsexual. We’re well hidden in society, unless you’re a porn star than half the world has probably seen your cock and boobs from an ad campaign or billboard.

Because I understand society norms, stereotypes, and stigmas, I sometimes get baffled by some of the men I meet. Personally, I believe I’m pretty passable enough to blend into society without people chasing me with pitchforks and torches. So why do some of these guys treat me
like some alien from Mars? I can’t help to have the desire to prod the brain and mindset of these guys to understand some of their behaviors. Some are willing to get on all fours for me in bed, but petrified at the thought of walking out in public for coffee with me. Then, some are willing to date me, but not willing to take the next step of marriage in a relationship. I’m no different than any other woman they meet in the park, gym, or on the bus. Insecurities and paranoia will always plague the conscience of most men, including the fear of being labeled “gay” and criticism if they go public to friends/family about their attraction to transsexual women. Like I always say, “I’m a women, Honey, and it’s not like this hair comes off or my boobs are removable!” Sometimes, even legal documents aren’t enough; it’s a matter of acceptance and awareness in society, where people expand their minds and are open to the fact that transsexuals are women or the third gender, and not men. For the very few guys out there who are respectful and accepting of transsexual women, kudos to you and please promote your beliefs and let others know the real deal! And, for those who are still nervous and scared, come see me at’s TS Seduction and TS Pussy Hunters.