Hello Lovers,

I have the sweetest fans in the world, so of course the number one question asked this week was how I  like to spend my holidays and what my ideal Christmas would be like.  I must say this is my very favorite time of the year, so I’m delighted to answer!

For me, the holidays are always blissful and cheerful. The winter holidays are always a great time to wind down and just relax in the moment, the aromatic scent of the wood burning fireplace hanging in the air, and just breathe. This season, I will be celebrating the Christmas holiday with my family which will be a first! This year no work, no busy schedule, no family drama will dare get in the way of uniting together to celebrate a merry holiday. I must admit, I will miss the past years celebrating the holidays boozing it up at a house party with friends or cuddling up in bed with a sexy date next to a fireplace over port and candy, but the change in the way I am celebrating this year is definitely for the better!

It’s always hard to get everyone together for the holiday in the hustle and bustle, but gladly, this year I’ve made it happen through financial persuasion and bartering. Ha! I’m sure you know how it is. Everyone wants that ideal Christmas with everyone gathered together in joy over a feast for the gods laid out on a beautifully decorated table. Sometimes it’s realistic, sometimes it isn’t, but with a little magic, some wishful thinking and a little bribery, anything can happen.

My ideal Christmas would be to have all my family from around the globe together in one beautiful house by the ocean over a cliff, fully decorated with hues of red and green florals, a pine scented tree, and luminous white lights elegantly placed. A 20 foot table enchanted with a smorgasbord of holiday delights from wild smoked ham to edible vegetable arrangements and laughter filling the air. There would be a beautiful view of the sand and sea surrounding us and classical music in the background. Stories and White Russians by the fire pit on sun chairs gazing at the beautiful sunset as it descends. Wouldn’t that be a memory to behold?  Hey, a girl can dream….

I will be enjoying my simple and delightful Christmas with those I love and hope you all are doing the same as well. I would love it if you would send me your holiday pics or what would your ideal memorable Christmas would be with me.  Happy Holidays !!!

PS. Every girl has a Christmas wishlist, here’s mine: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/28HUBDPXASS34


A Venus Lux 6

Venus Lux is a Transsexual Adult Performer, Director, Producer and CEO of Lux Entertainment. This is an advice column for the Trans Community and those that love them. Each week , Venus fields questions from all of you and picks one that covers a different aspect of the Trans world, from love to life to sex to transition. If you want Venus Lux to answer your question in her next column send your question and/or explain your issue in an email to:   fans@venus-lux.com