A year ago, I would not have believed it but here I am, closing out 2012 by getting my first-ever industry award nominations. I am so thrilled, because I’ve just been nominated for “Transsexual Performer of the Year” from both AVN and XBIZ!

I didn’t expect to get nominated at all, so it was shocking and heartwarming at the same time. I’m so grateful that I don’t know even know how I will react if I do win. I’ll probably cry and sob with blissful tears.

I’ve only been in porn for just over six months, so I’m sure my nominations must surprise some people. Well, they say that when you are a beginner, you arrive fresh and full of enthusiasm. I’ve been working so hard and it now seems to be paying off, especially after I learned that I was also nominated in one of the performing categories. I received an AVN Award nomination for “Best Transsexual Sex Scene” for my scorching scene with Annalise Rose and Christian XXX in American She-Male X 2, done with Joey Silvera for Evil Angel. I would say that my entire work ethic as a porn star is in that scene, because I have always believed that there are three key elements that make for great porn: great acting, great performance and a great cumshot. In that scene, you get to see all three.

I’ve been aware of how far I’ve come in these past few weeks. Over Thanksgiving, I did some “celebrity charity work” and helped raise awareness for the Salvation Army. I felt pleased, seeing people so happy to receive food and see my fans come out as volunteers, so willing to help. (Thanks, guys!) It was such a great experience. If I can use my name and my branding to help others in need, why not?

The weekend before Thanksgiving, I made a guest appearance in New York at Tranny Strip, the Big Apple’s best transsexual party held at the Evolve Lounge on the Upper East Side. I feature danced, gave special lap dances, and also signed copies of my latest movies. I never forget that those films are what got me here. Fame is fleeting but the acting and the performances last forever.

In my above mentioned “three key elements” for great porn, I make the distinction between acting and performance. Acting is about emoting your given part and performance is about doing the hot sex, and you need both to make a scene work. I’ve been told I appear more sexually mature than genetic girls my age and that I have the ability to “flip on the switch” when the cameras are rolling. When I started doing porn, I knew I would be taking my sexuality to another level, from intimacy to a professional standard, so I realized that it’s all mental. It’s about how you separate everything, making sure I can separate my personal life from my work life, along with my emotions, in order to get work done. That’s what being professional is all about.

It’s also about ambition and drive. If you want something really bad, you have to decide how to approach it. When I need to get a video done and I want it done a certain way, and I want it to be done efficiently and without stalling time and making people wait for me, I have to turn it on. Meaning, let’s shoot something, let’s get it going, let’s do it quick! After that, you know, we can play around and talk or whatever. Work is work, whether it’s porn or working as a secretary. When you’re trying to be professional about something, you should treat it as an act of perfection.

As I wrote in my last column, “My journey of transitioning to a transsexual woman has been inspirational, educational, liberating and fulfilling.” Now, I can safely add that my journey from that to being a transsexual adult film star has been, given those nominations, very rewarding. To be nominated is amazing, whether or not I’ll actually win. Despite some stiff competition (pardon the pun) in those categories, all this means I am on the right track.

So, if you see me on the red carpet in January and you’ve read this, please make sure to stop and say hello. It will mean a lot to me, and remind me I’ve arrived.