(Palo Alto, CA) – Virtual Mate, a groundbreaking new Virtual Intimacy System that combines solo pleasure at the expert hands of a simulated onscreen ‘girlfriend’, announces its official Indiegogo.com crowdfunding launch on Wednesday, August 28.
To celebrate the company’s innovative endeavor, Virtual Mate is offering a pre-order Early Bird price of $99 before the campaign kicks off, with an estimated delivery date of October 2019.
“The adult film and sex toy industries haven’t created anything genuinely brilliant in years, and we wanted to change that with a truly unforgettable virtual intimacy experience,” said Virtual Mate’s Jeff Dillon of the immersive platform.
Virtual Mate is the sum of two very important parts: an online game subscription service at VirtualMate.com that brings viewers’ realistic girlfriends to life on any PC, mobile device or VR headset, and a multi-functional male stroker, The Core, which gathers and transfers and transfers important ‘motion data’ for the onscreen Mate to respond to in real-time.
“In addition to focusing on character display and maximizing our computer processing power to shape the ultimate lifelike ‘mate’, we are also giving viewers different scenarios to engage in,” said Dillon, noting that Virtual Mate offers three distinct Play Modes: Story, Fast and VR.
The interactive game is also adding another level of enjoyment ahead of its official launch: adult stars are getting in on the act and several are already in the running to become the next Virtual Mate in a newly-launched contest.
Fans can vote for Lexi Luna, Jessica Sage, Maddy O’Reilly, Cindy Starfall, Tana Lea, Tiffany Watson or write in who THEY would like to see as the next Virtual Mate. Models interested in signing up can visit VirtualMate.com/be-a-virtual-mate to learn more.
To find out more about the exciting new world of Virtual Mate, visit VirtualMate.com or email contact@virtualmate.com to get in touch.


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