Los Angeles — More than 1,000 predominantly male listeners to adult radio network VividRadio.com were asked this past week which of the current presidential candidates was most likely to be caught up in a sex tape scandal. The clear “winner” was Republican Carly Fiorina, followed by Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Listeners to the network, which is also available on the SiriusXM app channel 791, who called in to talk to hosts were asked for their thoughts on a possible sex tape scandal and 89% said that if there is such an event it most likely will involve Ms. Fiorina, with 11% choosing Ms. Clinton. None of the respondents felt such a scandal would involve one of the male candidates.

The all-porn-star hosts of the sexy radio broadcasts of the most listened to adult radio network had their own thoughts on a possible sex scandal.

Said adult star and host Tanya Tate: “I find it hard to believe there is not already a Donald Trump sex tape floating around. A person with that type of over-inflated ego would probably enjoy reliving his desecration of the poor soul he managed to cajole into his bedroom. As for Hillary Clinton, I don’t think she has ‘a’ sex tape; I think she and Bill have a library of naughty home movies.”

Host April Flores believes Republican Jeb Bush and Democrat Jim Webb would be the most likely to turn up in a sex scandal while Nicki Hunter thinks it would involve Trump and Clinton. Monique Alexander thought that Bush and Democrat Bernie Sanders were likely to turn up in a scandal. Joanna Angel said such a tape would probably involve “Hillary, because that would be some sweet revenge, wouldn’t it?”

Host Mary Carey, herself a former candidate for governor of California, said that she would select Marco Rubio “because he has a hot wife who was a Dolphins cheerleader, which means he might be more fun in the bedroom and he is the hottest candidate so I would definitely do a tape with him.”