In the modern times, relationships are fleeting, the consensus says that most relationships do not last long these days; sparks fly in the beginning, but the relationship soon burns out. However, serious relationships, when they fail, bring nothing but disappointment and emotional unrest, therefore, the present generation likes to steer clear of it. They are most comfortable with casual flings than a long term affair because why bother in investing yourself emotionally in a relationship that might not last long? And this casual relationship thing is getting more and more popular with the rise of different hookup sites. Just like you may easily find hookup site Grindr for gay, you may also find the hookup sites like Grindr for straight people.  If you are looking for reasons why most people prefer casual relationships to serious ones these days, have a read!

– Lack of Time

In this fast paced world, people simply do not have time for serious, long term relationships. A serious relationship requires emotional investment, commitment, and more importantly you need to give your partner time and patience. These days, people have far more important things to do in such a competitive world than to wax poetics about their love interests. Casual relationship gives you sexual satisfaction and a human presence for the time being and the modern generation likes nothing better than to just live in the moment!

– No Strings Attached

The fact that casual relationship comes with the tag of “no strings attached” is one of the primary reasons why it is fast becoming a favourite of the modern day people. In such relationships, both parties do not expect anything from each other. During the time they are together, they enjoy each other’s company, have a good sexual adventure and if they are bored, they decide to part peacefully. There is no emotional outburst, no bad break ups, no breaking of utensils or slamming of doors. In other words, casual relationships come without the emotional baggage and responsibilities.

– Open for Other Options

Casual relationships work very well for people who are commitment phobic. If you feel that you do not want to settle so quickly and yet are looking for some company, sexual or otherwise, casual relationship should be your solution. In a serious relationship, it is required that you remain faithful to your partner even if you miss the initial spark, which turns the relationship sour. But in casual relationships, both parties remain open to other options and there is hardly any bitter feeling if anybody wants to stop seeing the other.

– Free Love

Casual relationships are integral part of the modern lifestyle which do more good than harm. In the past times, people would often compromise and make adjustments to stick to their partner because they have made commitments. But now, there is no need to do that, casual relationships have actually made love free. In this case, one can actually keep their heart and eyes open for a better match without remaining lonely. And you never know, you may just fall for your casual relationship partner as well, given time. Sometimes, casual relationship would turn into a meaningful relationship. Casual relationship allows you to get to know the other person in a pressure – free manner which creates possibilities of a free flowing love more than a serious affair can.


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