The owners of XXXPornstarradio are pleased to announce they have found a new company to broadcast their show. “We are so excited to announce we are joining the ranks with effective January 21, 2013” says Alesia Pleasure. “It has been a very stressful week trying to find a new home for our show” she said. We got notification from BlogTalkRadio Monday at 3pm that they were no longer hosting our show. They stated we were to explicate for them and could not have us on the air any more. They were well aware of the content we have on our show but chose to end our relationship without any warning or time to find another avenue.

“Now that we are on, we will own our radio station. We will now take our show to the next level and want to add to our lineup. We will be looking to add to our show hopefully finding other talent and content that pertains to sex and the adult industry”, said Alesia Pleasure. “We now have the capability of hitting over a million listeners within a few weeks. We were at 870k listeners a week and are confident we can take that number and blow past it very quickly. I just hope our valued listeners can forgive us for being off the air for this week. We love our listeners and wouldn’t be where we are without them.”

When asked Joe LaBarbera, co-host of the shows, what he thought, he said “Well first of all congratulations on being determined on getting XXXpornstarradio back on the AIR AS SOON as possible. You are going to the granddaddy OF ALL INTERNET RADIO stations with They have been around a very long time and have thousands and thousands of radio stations. But the one everyone will be listening to is XXXpornstarradio, with the best porn stars around and that wonderful co host. I do believe that we always tried to reach for the stars, but we will reach the end of the universe being on Live 365. I think we will one day have a million and a half listeners every week. So if I had one thing to tell the listeners is To TUNE In, PULL their pants DOWN, because the porn stars here are going to give them the best RIDE they ever had….!!!!!!”

Rita Daniels, who is our newest Tuesday night host, was so happy that we are back on air. She is looking forward to new concepts and exciting shows coming in her near future. “Hi this is Rita Daniels, I’m excited and thrilled to be hosting my radio show on Tuesday nights from 7-9pm ET. I will be bringing you the latest happenings in the adult entertainment industry. Please be sure and tune in it promises to be hot, wet and naughty. I love the show’s concept that we can say or do anything. I am going to bring sexy back within the two hours I am on live.” Licks n Kisses, Rita Daniels. Don’t forget you can listen to all of us, Sinful Skye on Mondays, Rita Daniels on Tuesdays, Alesia Pleasure on Wednesdays, Kiki Diare on Thursdays and Rebecca Bardoux on Fridays, all co hosted by Joe LaBarbera.

This announcement comes at a great time since xxxpornstarradio is the only radio station that has backstage passes and red carpet passes for this year’s AVN Awards. Kiki Diare will be there interviewing all the stars and will also be videotaping the interviews. “Kiki is a professional and will do a great job” and we are so lucky to have her as our Thursday night lineup” says Michael Merlin.