And we’re not talking about pornography! These three gorgeous gals are exploring the commodification of the body using only ink, paper, and their naked flesh, and if you help them fund this project, they’ll make you a small print of your very own!

With the help of critically-acclaimed artist Victor Wilde and a process called Contact Body Printing (they put ink on their bodies, then put their bodies on paper), they create one-of-a-kind images that quite literally show the point where porn impacts art. It’s like Yves Klein’s “Anthropometries” without the blue. Seems cool and simple, right? So why did they bother with Kickstarter?

They put this project on Kickstarter for a number of reasons. For one, the printing methods are expensive and messy, and Kickstarer provides a great way to get cash money from the community. Second—and more importantly—they want to open up discussion about what (if anything) separates adult material from art. “Does the artistic value of the work change because of the profession of the women creating it?” Dylan Ryan asks. That’s a damn good question, and the answers have far-reaching consequences!

If you think the answer is, “Yes, of course I would be more inclined to buy an ink impression of a woman’s body if that woman were a pornstar,” then you should consider donating to this project. You can give any amount, but only $25 gets you a small, personalized print from the girl and body part of your choice! Just think: you could have Dylan Ryan’s shoulder blade in your foyer, providing you with a great conversation piece and carte blanche to enjoy pornography as an intellectual study.

In all seriousness, we think this is a brilliant idea and we urge you to support them. They get to make art, you get to appreciate it, and we all learn a little something about how we perceive and consume the human form.

To donate money for this project go here.