A New Clip From Ariel Anderssen

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Oh, this is a wonderfully naughty bit of news, from one of the world’s most wonderfully naughty (if not the most naughty) pro submissive lovely lady content providers providing today.

Ariel Anderssen, has just released this delicious scene on her ManyVids platform: Ariel Anderssen – A Pro Submissive – ManyVids.

I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to how much enjoyment casual BDSM-ers and her ardent fans take when viewing Ariel baring her fantastic bottom to take hand, cane, paddle etc. A woman who has not only survived the ever-changing landscape of erotic entertainment but has thrived in it for over two decades, what Ariel produces, either for herself or with various companies, is second-to-none. Her book, Playing to Lose: How a Jehovah’s Witness Became a Submissive Bdsm Model (available here) reveals her unique story, told from the lady’s equally unique point of view, and her constant postings of scenes like the one above, showcase what the lady does best.

If one were to try and keep up with all the content posted across the many platforms showcasing erotic/porn/naughty scenes, one would really have no time for much of anything else (believe me, I’ve tried!) The point being, one tries best one can to find those providers and platforms that deliver exactly what one likes best and delivers quality again and again.

Ariel does just that.

Surely, this is a woman who enjoys the swatting she gets. And boy, does she get them! The reactions (whether Ariel is gagged, as she is in the new clip) or pleading “no,” or, as she so often does, acting petulant and refusing her comeuppance, until she comes up against it, are all genuine, reveal the lady’s ache, need and desire for all she gets (even when she is getting it hard as hell!)

Take a peek into the new offering from Ariel Anderssen.


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