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The fineprint

At AIPdaily we care for adult creators, even better we love them. And we want to support them. So we have a exclusive & almost free offer for you:

We are part of Kyzoe Hosting & design a webhosting Company from Bulgaria, with offices in Holland, Belgium and offcourse Bulgaria. And we want to offer the Adult Creators all over the world Free Hosting for one of their websites. 

Altought our hosting is FREE the domainname wil cost you a little bit we will charge you 13.75€ or 15 USD for the domain

Our offer:

  • 5GB webhosting
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 1 Free IMAP4 email address.
  • WordPress installer
  • Free transfer of your WP site and email. 

Our rules:

Offcourse we also have some rules:

  • Only for Adult Creators with a profile on our website.
  • Domainname should be registered or transferred to Kyzoe Hosting
  • You need to verify yourself. (Picture with our domainname on a paper & the date)