Acclaimed Sexologist & Sex Therapist Cyndi Darnell Releases New Book ‘Sex When You Don’t Feel Like It: The Truth About Mismatched Libido & Rediscovering Desire’

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Los Angeles, Calif. – May 16, 2022 – World-renowned sexologist and sex therapist Cyndi Darnell’s debut book, Sex When You Don’t Feel Like It: The Truth About Mismatched Libido & Rediscovering Desire will be published by Rowman & Littlefield and released in June 2022. This important and perfectly timed book gets straight to the truth about pleasure and desire to offer a reliable game-changing guide to navigating passion, desire, and pleasure.  

Mismatched desire in relationships is the No. 1 reason couples seek the help of sexuality professionals. Traditionally seen as a “woman’s problem,” fluctuating desire is something experienced by people of all genders yet often misunderstood and rarely discussed openly – and Darnell’s Sex When You Don’t Feel Like It is here to change that.  

With a compassionate and straightforward tone, Darnell provides readers with evidence-based information matched with countless prompts, practices, and reflections to help them understand what they’re feeling, why they feel stuck, what they really want, and how to get there.  

“I’ve worked with countless people and couples over the past 25 years, and sexual desire remains one of the most misunderstood topics we discuss together,” Darnell said. “People have always struggled with issues related to both low and high libido, and its impact on relationships is palpable. Though sexual desire has historically been viewed as something ‘natural,’ people continue to struggle to ‘get in the mood,’ and it’s high time we consider whether it’s not desire itself that’s the problem, but how we relate to it.”                   

Excerpts and interviews are available! Darnell is now scheduling dates for her digital book tour and is available for podcasts, radio interviews, digital workshops, and offering expert opinion for mass media! A press sheet is attached and included below.  

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