And The Giants Will Rule…The Clips

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Well, consider me schooled.

Coming for the New Year one fetish is predicted to eclipse all others across Clips4Sale’s searching algorithms. In this article, published on the mega clip site, it seems the giantess fetish has risen (pun intended) above all others. Known by its scientific label, ‘macrophilia,’ fantasies featuring women towering over men, where the men are dominated, sometimes stepped on or even swallowed or even those where women have sex with a giant, are topping (again, pun intended) 2023’s most searched for fetish, strap-on

As has been well documented, and even sung about by James Brown, it might be a man’s world, but the more in-power a hetero man is, ‘dominant’ in his life and work, often he’ll has fantasize about being dominated by a women or in fact, seeks to be sexually dominated by a woman to bring him sexual pleasure. Many a dominatrix will attest to having judges, even heads of state, big time celebrities in their stables of slaves. But as the recent Clips4Sale post reasons, this “alpha male-ness” has set macrophilia ahead of the fantasy play curve now, with “giantess” not only the number one fetish term on the massive clip site, but also the third-highest grossing fetish category.

It seems that now, men want to be well under a domineering woman, who as much stands over them physically as well as mentally, and in fact, in some cases, have that woman consume them.

This fetish is called vorarephilia, or vore for short.

As far as science has been able to figure, there are more paraphilias (or “recurring or intense sexual arousal to atypical objects, situations, fantasies, behaviors, or individuals”) in the great wide world of sexy sports than we can shake a rattan cane at. The human animal is a complex naked ape and should be able to explore, just as long as those explorations do not impinging upon anybody/or non-human’s freedom.

So have at your latex, your diapers, your handcuffs and dressing-up as dearly departed Pee Wee Herman. And yes, have at your giant ladies as well.

It seems you all pretty much want to for the New Year.


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