‘Baghdad Baddie’ Sarah Arabic Makes Her Evolved Fights Debut

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Mixed wrestling site Evolved Fights evolvedfights.com has another debut, and this time, it’s the self-proclaimed Arabian Queen, Sarah “Baghdad Baddie” Arabic. She’s taking on veteran sex fighter Will “The Lizard” Tile, who has won over 80% of his 27 matches. It will be an exciting day on the mats at Evolved Fights.

The latest wrestling match that dropped at Evolved Fights is “Sarah Arabic vs Will Tile.” Will might be the luckiest guy in the world today. He gets to wrestle the busty, curvaceous, and exotic Sarah, who has tits and ass for days. She’s making her debut and ready to pounce…right on Will. She might be a seductive hottie, but Will won’t give her the win that easily. Sarah and Will both vie very hard for the win, going all out and trying to pin and fuck each other. There’s never a dull moment in the ring with these two. Only one of them can take the “W,” and the loser gets fucked against the infamous Wall of Fuck, and there’s a creampie.

“The members already want Sarah back and want her to take on Marcelo or Fluffy, and I think we’ll have to make that happen. I can see her becoming one of our legendary sex fighters like Will Tile,” says site owner and referee Ariel X.

Watch the preview and exclusive scene of “Sarah Arabic vs Will Tile” at Evolved Fights.
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