Benefit Monkey Takes a Stand on Ethical Filmmaking for a New Generation

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(Lugano, Switzerland) — Benefit Monkey, an exciting new premium adult cinema brand that caters to the pleasures of discerning viewers, is building its brand based on the empowering collaborative input of its performers and audience.

“Erotic filmmaking is traditionally centered on the male point of view to accommodate his pleasure, which for years has been the foundation of adult entertainment in general,” said a company representative.

“Is there a way to intersect sexuality and art in a positive, supportive manner for all to enjoy in this new era? That’s what we’re aiming for with Benefit Monkey, and it’s an ongoing process that we’re excited to explore.”

With an emphasis on provocative visuals that excite and entice without exploitation, the art collective behind the studio, A. Monkey, is seeking critical reflection on its films, challenging deeply-held beliefs by embracing new ideas and connecting to what turns viewers on in a variety of ways besides the obvious objectification of performers.

We want to re-shape and re-invent the traditional mold of sexual desire by resisting cultural norms and opening up our minds to what pleasure can be for each and every one of us.”

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