Brittany Andrews Collaborates with Artist Brain Pasta, Creates Future Collaborations to Release Crypto Art

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(Los Angeles, CA) — Adult superstar Brittany Andrews is releasing her Genesis NFT Collection, a colorful digital art collaboration with contemporary artist Brain Pasta.
Andrews, excited at the prospect of tracking the ownership of the NFTs connected to the crypto collectible after it was sold for one Ethereum token ($1800), was stunned to discover that corporate finance executive P. Holt Gardiner is currently reselling the one-of-a-kind digital asset for 500 Ethereum ($900,000) on the OpenSea marketplace platform.
“I was actually in a clubhouse room talking about releasing it when it was bought – which was exciting to be able to say while in the room, ‘Hey, OMG my first NFT just sold!” said Andrews. “Even though I might not be the first sexworker to do an NFT, I’m still probably one of the first to adapt to this exciting new technology and plan on participating heavily in the NFT space to see where it goes.”
Andrews has long been a part of the Bitcoin space, “being that sex workers are quite often forced to use alternative payment methods, I learned about blockchain by using Bitcoin, and saw its future potential. When NFTs first came into the space, I could see this was the way that I had thought blockchain had the potential to be used.”
The industry veteran has firsthand knowledge of how economic value ebbs and flows over time. “Being in the adult business for over 30 years, erotic films went from 35mm to camcorder VHS, to Blu-ray, DVD to torrents then being ripped off by tube sites… I’ve seen how once-valuable content turned into worthless and free over the years.
“Now with the rise of the independent fan platforms, our content is once again gaining value. I think this is the perfect time for NFT’s to finally come full circle to where our work has value again, and I’m super excited to be one of the first pioneers of porn NFTs.”
In addition to her partnership with Brain Pasta, Andrews is looking to expand her interests using this game-changing structure to transform her artistic work into NFTs to sell to potential buyers. “In addition to creating more digital assets with Brain Pasta, I am looking forward to collaborating with other artists to expand my collections to build my long-term investments.”  Future collaborators include Toby Mott, DoublePops, Necatuss, TempleHap, Zora, Samuel D. York, Davidiainbrown, and Erwin Diaz.
Look for more NFT digital art from Brittany Andrews by visiting her personal OpenSea platform, and find and follow her through her page.

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