Cam Starlet Yummy Anime Credits Chaturbate for Help with Self Image and Mental Health

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World Wide Web — The Kinky Cocktail Hour recently featured Kate, who broadcasts as Yummy Anime on and discussed her life as a cam starlet and performer in Russia.

Kate started broadcasting on Chaturbate around 2018, and took some time off for her first child. She recently returned to camming as Yummy Anime, and is rebranding herself through the free platform and social media. She appeared on The Kinky Cocktail Hour with help from her translator, to help with some of the conversation between Russian and English.

The Kinky Cocktail Hour is a podcast hosted by Saffer Master and Lady Petra. Their show is a conversation between adults about sex forward relationships, kinky lifestyles and frank communication. The couple interview guests over drinks on a variety of topics ranging from fetish, relationships, sex and more. This week’s cocktail was a Hendrix Cucumber Gin and Tonic a refreshing beverage to enjoy after after great sex.

In the conversation, Kate brought up how Chaturbate helped her get past her self perceptions and having been bullied.

“I started to feel very confident…and it helped me to meet my future husband,” said Kate. “This kind of industry is actually my own way to become successful. I’m more than accepted in appearance and the performances I do. I’ve never been much accepted. Now I feel that acceptance. [It] helped me with my mental health and my self esteem.”

Kate also discussed what it’s like broadcasting from Russia, life behind the scenes as a cam starlet and the creation of Yummy Anime, her online persona on Chaturbate and social media.

“It’s my perception of myself. When I was younger, I was very shy and not very outspoken. I had this vision of a small anime girl I could see as my alter-ego.”

The Kinky Cocktail Hour episode featuring Yummy Anime is available at

Yummy Anime streams daily and can be found on Chaturbate at

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