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One can never argue that Camsoda is not aware of the latest salacious news…and is not trying its best to capitalize on it.

On the American sports network ESPN, a woman bared her breasts during the recent Sugar Bowl broadcast (the picture included here is about the clearest anyone of us are going to get of the captured moment). On the very first day of this new year, while coming out of a commercial break, ESPN broadcast live footage of the famous (and almost always bawdy) New Orleans main street. An unidentified lady bared her breasts during the moment, something that’s often done down in New Orleans per the tradition of men calling for women to bare their breasts so they might shower them with beads at them.

Camsoda is offering up to 100k for the woman to bare her breasts once again on a live one-hour show next week. Camsoda Vice President Daryn Parker called this woman the MVP of the game.

As expected, ESPN issued an apology.

One might recall back in September when Morgan Osman, a self-proclaimed Instagram star and ex-“Bad Girls Club” cast member, was booted off a commercial flight after she seemingly melted down. CamSoda offered Osman money at the time to strip on cam on another one-hour live show.

We realize, budding Instagram stars or not, that almost every action carried out in public can all too easily, as is so often, captured on video. The more startling the moment—somebody bursting into a gospel song acapella on an airplane or throwing their shirt up their torso during a live sport’s broadcast—might not only be seen, but their actions often engender ripples through the culture long enough that the moment is deemed worthy for exploitation. 

And in the current climate of everyone wanting to be or thinking they are already a star, Camsoda’s offers make perfect sense. Why not enlist D-stars or even ordinary people who have recently made a name for themselves across the blog o’ sphere to do precisely what they seem to like to do, for money? 

Big Brother? Nah he’s not watching. Camsoda is.

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