Cherie DeVille Drops by CineBinge React Podcast to Watch Boogie Nights for the First Time

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(Los Angeles, CA / November 10, 2023) — Veteran adult film star Cherie DeVille has a confession to make: she’d never seen Boogie Nights, the jaw-dropping opus from Paul Thomas Anderson about the ’70s-era porn industry, and is enjoying the experience for the first time with CineBinge React hosts George He and Simon Swan on YouTube.
The trio screens scenes from the Mark Wahlberg film together and comment on the shocking contrast between the early days of the business and how the movers, shakers and players offer a different experience for performers in 2023.
“It was very well done, but not representative of the current industry in any way! Thank God!” DeVille laughs in response to the industry’s evolution over the past 50 years, though one particular practice still rings true in the Current Age vs. the Golden Age of adult filmmaking: “Banking discrimination is still a major problem for us… people don’t give us loans, a lot of pay for cash, even if we have the money, the credit score and all of that.”
Beyond that, DeVille explains that it’s a whole new world: “Testing went from 30 days to 14 days… now everyone does in-depth consent checklists, there’s talent liaisons on set… if someone looks strung out on drugs, on alcohol, you absolutely can’t film with them because there’s no way to consent… a lot of cultural changes and business changes as well.

“The only people who were really focused on the legalities were the companies, because they were the ones that handled, held and distributed the paperwork and dealt with all of that, but now most of the top performers are our own productions companies, so things are always evolving, always changing… even in my 12 years, my job has changed significantly from Year 1 to Year 12.”

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