Cherie DeVille Explores Utah’s Age Verification Law in New Rolling Stone Essay

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(Los Angeles, CA) — Cherie Deville is expressing concern with a new Utah law requiring adult sites to verify users’ age in a first-person essay for Rolling Stone, “When You Try to Watch Pornhub in Utah, You See Me Instead. Here’s Why”.
The adult film megastar, who recently wrote another article for the magazine, “Why I Chose to Appear in Netflix’s Controversial Pornhub Documentary”, explores the myriad issues with Utah’s new legislation, as well as a potential resolution.
“The state launched a new law requiring users to verify their ages via uploading their licenses or other invasive procedures,” she writes. “In response, Pornhub blocked Utah residents from streaming videos on their site. When they log on, they see a public service announcement where I explain the problem with the law. Grown-ass men are struggling to get around my PSA, but I assure you teenage boys are not… they understand how to use a VPN to evade any current content restrictions.”
Since VPNs allow users to change their IP address location, “teens can evade Utah’s ID requirements in seconds, far shorter than it takes to even watch my PSA… nobody wants to ban minors from watching porn more than me, but Utah’s law fails to address the problem.”

DeVille’s resolution is a simple one: “We need smartphones and computers specifically created for minors which block all forms of adult content, not just porn. If parents gave their children these devices, they would know that their kids weren’t looking at porn, even when they’re busy at work.

“Politicians should have solved these problems and found better ways to protect our children decades ago, and the adult industry would have supported their actions. Adult entertainment companies and porn performers hate minors watching our content. We also understand the internet better than anyone. After all, everything from streaming to chatbots to video chats began with our industry. Why not listen to our solutions instead of those of old politicians who’ve never heard of VPNs?”
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