Crowdfunding Is Open for Frankenbabes from Beyond the Grave!

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(San Francisco, CA) Multi-award-winning MILF Penny Barber is set to star in the horror short “Frankenbabes from Beyond the Grave!” with a slew of adult stars. Crowdfunding is now open to make the project a reality with a goal of $50k.
Think 80s-inspired films like Weird Science and Return of the Living Dead, but a movie with a wicked remise from that era told through a modern lens with a cast of kickass undead baddies that have that Tales from the Crypt meets Kill Bill vibe. You’ll understand what “Frankenbabes from Beyond the Grave!” is trying to achieve. The plot revolves around touring burlesque performers who die in a car accident on the way to a convention. When their remains are taken to a morgue, a mortician re-animates their corpses with nefarious intentions, but the deceased take revenge with gruesome results.
Penny Barber has been cast aptly as The Brain. Also joining the “Frankenbabes from Beyond the Grave!” cast is Savanna Solo as Bob, QT Snack as Stitches, Bunni Black as Stripe, Danielle DeNicola and Melissa Drew as the Twisted Sisters, Cheyenne Wise as Patches, and Little Puck as Jumper. Some cast members and the look of their characters have already been revealed on the Kickstarter page at the $50k mark and below. The film is ultimately looking to make $100k, and the last five characters, including Penny, won’t be fully revealed until each milestone is met.
The Kickstarter campaign is open NOW through Wednesday, April 3rd. The project is fully funded at $50k and $10k+ right now. Each level of backing has perks, including a signed poster, a link to be the first to watch the film, access to the watch party, a virtual cameo in the film, and more. Make your pledge now to score the best perks at
“This is the type of project I love to work on. The script, the cast, and the team of filmmakers, VFX artists, and makeup artists will make ‘Frankenbabes from Beyond the Grave!’ a tale that must be told. But we need the funding to make it happen. Please pledge as much as you can, even if it’s just $5, to make this happen and make me a very happy woman,” says Penny Barber.
Check out the official website,, which links to the Kickstarter Page, and the YouTube trailer Then, smash the Subscribe button for updates.
To get Penny on your set, email her at with the scene type, what’s entailed, and pay rate. She’s independent, so there are no booking fees.

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