Darkside Magazine #59

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Darkside Magazine #59 has just ‘hit the stands,’ and I can say with no fear of contradiction that here, yet again, is another killer issue of the venerable UK kink magazine. I contributed two interviews this time, I might be slightly biased; I’ll grant you. But my praise for all things Darkside has always been born from beyond the interviews I contribute to the magazine.

Photo spread, artwork, columns, and yes, interviews…Darkside is a kink magazine unlike any other.

There is the opening pictorial of stunning Mistress Luna Rogue in pink and black. Then the first interview of the issue, with Denmark’s supposed most popular Mistress, Domica Dark. Darkside’s leading man, Paul Donnelly, conducted this extended get-to-know-the-lady.

Mistress Devilish Anuryh returns to the magazine, her pictures as alluringly dangerous as ever. Wow, what curves! Submodel Lenna is all in black and all too sexy for words. Mark Shenton took her wonderful pictures here.

There is my chat with Luna Carruthers, the founder of submissiveguide.com, and my second piece, following is my interview with Darkside’s own Madam Carmen. This lovely lady also graces the cover of this issue and can usually be found opining in the magazine about any number of BDSM issues.

The Baroness takes on the fine art of whipping (yes, if done right, it can be very artful…and it should always be done right!). Smitty weighs on the sly, slippery, and oh-so-very cool rope art photography of Ruediger Schestag. In the magazine’s usual features, “The Fetish File,” we get a peek at Pro Domme Poison Candi, well worth sinking your sweet tooth into, another round of fantastic illustrations by Dirk Hooper, and…much much more.

I’m at a loss of how I hooked up with Darkside in the first place, but I am damn glad I have. Writing for them now for a while has given me immense pleasure, as I know the magazine entices, informs, and arouses everyone who reads it.

Darkside issue #59, out now, get it here: Darkside Magazine BDSM community

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