Digital Sex-Ed Service Beducated Unveils the AI Sex Coach

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(Munich, Germany) — Beducated, the world’s largest digital sex education platform, introduces its AI Sex Coach, a groundbreaking chatbot that fuses AI technology with its expert-curated library to provide personalized insights into intimacy.

This innovative tool marks a pivotal shift in global access to pleasure-centric sex education. The AI Sex Coach, available for free use to anyone with internet access at, combines cutting-edge tech with its extensive collection of expert-designed content.

Mariah Freya, co-founder of Beducated, elaborates on the chatbot’s functionality, saying, “The Beducated AI Sex Coach isn’t just a monumental advancement for the startup, but a leap forward for sexual wellness, democratizing sex education by making it universally accessible.

“Many of us carry questions about intimacy with nowhere to turn to for answers. We end up tucking them away in a box of shame and fear. Without the resources for a sex therapist or coach, these queries remain unaddressed. Our AI Sex Coach provides a safe space to delve into those questions and encourages exploration.”

By engaging with users in conversational language, Freya notes that the AI Sex Coach fosters a safe environment for open exploration. “What sets our AI Sex Coach apart is its multi-model approach, enabling it to provide comprehensive responses on a variety of topics. Unlike single-model AI systems, it caters to a broader spectrum of inquiries, thus ensuring a shame-free atmosphere for sexual exploration and removing the barriers to quality education in this critical field.”

As the world’s largest digital sex education platform, Beducated offers more than 100 unique courses of study, encompassing various aspects of sexual exploration, underpinned by a vast library of lessons and resources curated by distinguished sex educators, coaches and experts.

AI Sex Coach is free for Beducated members, with monthly subscriptions starting at $29.99 a month. Non-subscribers can send the chatbot up to ten messages per day for free, and also explore the service with a 24-hour free trial.

For more information, visit and discover the empowering potential of AI-driven sexual wellness education in the digital age.

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