Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey Joins Mid-Life Sex Festival as Featured Guest Speaker

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Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey is offering unique insights into sexual enrichment in middle age as a featured speaker at the Mid-Life Sex Festival (MidlifeSexFestival.com) on Sunday, February 11.
The renowned clinical psychologist, accredited advanced GSRD therapist and sex/intimacy coach will speak on “Kink, Sexuality & Relationship Diversity” at the free online event, dedicated to providing science-based, real-world sex education to women going through the challenges of peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause.
Bisbey, who previously spoke at LA’s Vibe Expo in Hollywood earlier this month, will reflect on “What is ‘the norm’ anyway?” during the informative symposium, while exploring secrets of kink, fantasy and play through practical strategies of communication.
“It is a privilege to contribute to a festival that focuses on understanding and addressing the health issues unique to this stage of life,” said Bisbey. “I’m honored to help guide and support women undergoing these transitions, and empower them with knowledge and tools for a more fulfilling sexual journey.”
Also in February, Bisbey will continue her acclaimed ‘Psychology of Fetish and Kink’ speaking tour on February 14 & 15 via Seed Talks – where she will explore a variety of similar specialty topics with attendees.
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Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey is a clinical psychologist, accredited advanced GSRD therapist, sex/intimacy coach, author, speaker and podcast host based in Edinburgh. With more than 30 years helping people create and sustain meaningful and exciting relationships, Dr. Bisbey specialises in GSRD (gender, sexuality, relationship diversity), is consensual non-monogamy and kink BDSM knowledgable and helps traumatised people to move from victim to survivor and back into life.
On a mission to create an open dialogue about sex, relationships and authenticity, Dr Bisbey is the Specialist Relationship Therapist on Open House: The Great Sex Experiment on Channel 4, and host of the weekly podcast The A to Z of Sex®, as well as a passionate speaker, dynamic workshop facilitator and sought-after expert in the media on the topics of sex, sexuality, intimacy, relationships and sexual trauma.
Dr. Bisbey is the author of Chopping Wood, Shaping Metal & Other Erotic StoriesDancing the Edge to Reclaiming Your Reality: Essential Life Skills for Gaslighting (and Trauma) Survivors and Dancing the Edge to Surrender: An Erotic Memoir of Trauma and Survival, and identifies as a queer consensually non-monogamous leather woman, and is in a full-time authority transfer-based relationship with her husband. To learn more, visit DrLoriBethBisbey.com.
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