Elaina St. James Preps Second Self-Help Book for Aspiring Midlife Models, Better Late Than Never

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(Chicago, IL) — Hot on the heels of last year’s self-help smash, How To Date Hot Older Women, Elaina St. James is already hard at work on her follow-up guide for aspiring models and content creators, Better Late Than Never – Finding Success in Adult Modeling Over 45.
The Midwestern Mom with a gift for inspiring others to be their best selves, St. James, who currently earns a six-figure salary as OnlyFans’ most popular creator over the age of 55, knows of what she speaks and wants to share the spicy secrets of her success with other aspiring midlife models.
“I did some modeling at 18, but never reached the heights of where I am today, thanks to the Internet creating a massive online space that celebrates the beauty and gifts of all shapes, sizes, abilities and ages of interesting people,” says St. James.

“Once upon a time, you had to fit a certain very narrow type of mold that catered to what was considered desirable as a model. Beauty has always been subjective, and what turns on one person isn’t necessarily going to turn on someone else. If you believe you have something to offer and are willing to put in the work, there is a place for you in this industry.”

Look for St. James’ newest release to tentatively drop this summer, “with topics such as developing talent, building a personal brand, photography and social media tips, plus advice that is practical, informative and honest about navigating the realities of the business while side-stepping the pitfalls, downsides and dangers in order to achieve success on your own terms.”

Find St. James’ first book, How To Date Hot Older Women, at Amazon.com.

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