Feet Finder Getting a Pedicure with a Major Site Redesign

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(Seattle, WA) Known for bringing feet enthusiasts and models of all genders together, Feet Finder feetfinder.com is getting a major site redesign, or as it’s more commonly called…a pedicure.

Feet Finder has been making many site improvements over the last six months, but they’re always looking for ways to make the seller and buyer experience even better. Now, they’re doing a major site redesign. The latest version of their site is set to debut at the end of the month. Buyers and sellers can look forward to a new sleek, modern design that will be much easier to navigate and will be both mobile and desktop compatible.  

Buyers can now follow models, which will alert them when sellers upload content, making it easier for buyers to view the new content quickly and/or purchase it. Sellers will have access to a new gallery feature that’s similar to Instagram. This lets buyers see tons of preview/sample photos, which should increase sales for sellers. The site will also have a new feed that will allow buyers to easily filter sellers by subscribers and favorites and have a new explore option.

Feet Finder will also be launching tons of new marketing campaigns—already, they have hundreds of buyers signing up daily, and those numbers will only increase.  

“This pedicure is a long time coming. We’ve been planning the redesign and new features for months, and we’re taking our time rolling it out to make sure everything integrates well. We’re very excited for sellers and buyers to enjoy all the new features!” says Feet Finder owner Patrick.  

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