Holly Randall Productions Drops First-Ever Featurette, Hopeless, with Casey Calvert, Lumi Ray

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(Los Angeles, CA) — Holly Randall proudly announces the September 30 release of Hopeless, the first-ever featurette produced under the Holly Randall Productions banner. Kyle McQueen co-wrote and edited the film, with Amber Guerra co-producing and managing art direction.
Written and directed by Jeffrey John Hart, Hopeless stars Casey Calvert and Lumi Ray as best friends whose relationship metamorphoses into something unexpected – and extraordinary – when a devastated Casey turns to Lumi for comfort after a painful breakup.

“For our first featurette for Holly Randall Productions, we’ve created an independently produced movie at a very grassroots level,” said Randall of the production, which also features Ivy Wolfe and Codey Steele. “Over the years that we’ve worked together, I saw how talented Jeff was, and I wanted to give him an opportunity to showcase his passion and talent for filmmaking. And I think it really shows in this film.”

Hart enthused, “Most of the projects I’ve been involved in over the past few years, I felt like both my hands were tied behind my back; collaborating with Holly has been amazing. With Hopeless, we set out to do whatever we wanted with no restrictions.

“Having Casey and Lumi out front with Holly, Amber and Kyle getting my back, I think we achieved something special. I got to tell the story the way I wanted to and I didn’t have to answer to anyone. That’s what filmmaking should be.”

To watch Hopeless, visit the VOD section at Hollyrandall.com.

Find and follow Holly Randall at HollyLinks.com and Jeffrey John Hart at JeffreyJHart.com.

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