Hucows adds Lady Lyne to the herd.

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Lady Lyne has been added to the HuCow herd. This means we have to look for a new secretary (again). Oh well, Lyne is better off on the farm, getting her big juicy udders pumped regularly. It’s a big adjustment for her, she still needs bondage and a gag, but she will get used to it eventually. Today, she is on the milking bed, allowing the farmer full access to her dangling soft udders. The strong milking of the versatile breast training machine will increase her nipples in size, and there’s nothing Lyne can do to stop it.

Watch the scene here

About HuCows.
HuCows is all about farming, is an farming website with a huge herd of female HuCows who are regularly milked and massaged. The Hucows herd contains more then 100 slave pet girls. Watch them all on the HuCows .

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