Interview With Bunnie Stevens

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UK-based Model, Fetish Actor and Domme, Bunnie Stevens has been a content producer/model in the kink scene for nearly fifteen years. As an ex-poledancer she also teaches lapdancing to individuals and at Hen Parties, bringing her good humor and honest attitude to all she does. Based in the UK, Bunnie (who has also performed under the name Helen Stephens) shoots content wherever the work takes her.

BDSM, kink, fetish means so many things to so many people. How do you define these terms?

For me they’re all interchangeable to a degree. I guess BDSM is more focused on the power dynamic of a D/s relationship and/or sadomasochism in play, as the acronym suggests – whereas fetishes and kinks may not focus on these qualities. I believe the psychological definition behind kinks and fetishes is a sexual feeling or urge towards something other than genitalia or straight sex.

But I could be wrong.

Do you think there are just as many straight sex scenes being created and viewed as here are kink/fetish scenes?

To be honest I’m not sure. I pretty much watch BDSM porn only, so I honestly can’t tell you if it’s more or less than straight sex porn. I do find, however, that since the rise of social media and platforms which allow anyone to produce their own porn, people into BDSM and kink perhaps feel less alienated and therefore more kink related porn is being produced and enjoyed as a result.

Do you think, to a greater or lesser degree, there is a little non-vanilla desire in us all?

Most of my peers work in BDSM/kink, so I guess I could be caught up in bit a wonderful kink bubble! However, those who I talk to outside of work seem to enjoy some elements of either BDSM or fetish. I feel people are becoming more comfortable talking about it now… unless people are comfortable chatting to me about it as I’m very open about my fetishes and work life.

When filming something kinky or BDSM related and the scene is heating up, how do you draw the line with what else you might do? For instance, do you go into a scene knowing that not only are you to be spanked, but you will be made to orgasm as well? Or might this be something you could be prompted to without knowing first the scene might go there?

This has never happened to me personally, as scenes are always planned ahead of shoots so I always know exactly what is going to happen and we always stick to the script so that no boundaries are crossed.


Following, at this point (or any other) would you consider doing something ‘adult’ related but that no hint of kink or fetish in it?

Probably not.The only reason I do the job that I do is that I have a genuine love and passion for BDSM and fetishes, it’s what I enjoy doing. I’ve always said that I’d never do anything ‘just for the money’. I mean, I obviously need to be paid due to those pesky things called bills, but I do love my job. I guess the only thing I do that’s not kink related is the occasional bit of glamour modelling or stripteasing – and I guess another kink of mine is that I enjoy it when people find my work arousing… so I guess even that is kink-related.

Can you orgasm if you are only spanked, not touched or tickled any other place during an ass swatting?

No, I can’t, or least I haven’t had that happen yet. For me, being spanked is incredibly arousing and enjoyable, but not to the point of orgasming. Additionally, spanking and sex for me do not always go hand in hand. It can be a whole different form of pleasure on its own – both giving and receiving. So, whilst spanking can be a nice addition to sex/sexual stimulation, I still get a wonderful feeling without a full orgasm being involved.


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Images by Frankinsella

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