Interview with Julia Epiphany

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Hello Julia, for those who might not know you please let us know you are and please describe yourself?

Hi Christina! Thank you for inviting me for this interview and to the audience.

For those who don’t know me, I’m still relatively new to professional adult performance having started in early 2019, but my first amateur videos were published a few months before that, and I modelled fetish clothing for about a decade prior to 2018. I partnered with Grooby to release my first two photoshoots and videos just in time to attend the Transgender Erotica Awards in March 2019, and then spent the rest of the year getting to know the whole adult industry.

Fast forward a year and by February 2020 I had been a finalist nominee for five adult industry awards, I’d flown to Hollywood for my first red carpet nomination in August 2019, and made myself into the porn industry’s newest starlet

What prompted you to join the adult industry?

What prompted me to join the “adult” industry depends on how we define that industry. Adult, porn, fetish and generally erotica are all part of the same general topic of “sex entertainment” but those terms all mean different things. So if we say the “adult” industry includes things like modelling latex or kinky garments, then I guess you could say it was a very gradual process and there wasn’t any specific moment when I “joined” but rather just getting to know my kinks and fetishes through public events, concerts, art shows, galleries and that sort of thing.

If we talk about “adult” being actual professionally produced pornography, then we can say my first photo shoot was released back in February 2019, but did I know it would be released when I performed for it? The short answer is no, anything could have gone wrong between doing the shoot and publishing it, and if the pictures and videos were never published then would I have “joined” the industry?

Anyway to get back to the question of what prompted me, without getting too specific about what the adult industry is, I’ll just say that being a porn star has been dream for as long as I can remember, and I am honoured to be one now. If I could somehow have been a porn star in my early 20s I certainly would’ve, you bet, who wouldn’t?

What is your favorite part about being a cam girl? What would you consider the drawbacks?

Being a cam star, in my case a cam girl, is an amazing experience, one reserved for only the most brave! It’s an honour to be at the forefront of the live streaming revolution, as we all know the adult industry is always the first to pioneer new technologies. Broadcasting with CAM4, Chaturbate and ManyVids has been a phenomenal experience and if I could sum all that up with one sentiment I’d have to say connecting with my fans is my favourite part. Most of my fans know I’m lesbian and even though most of my fans are straight guys that have zero chance of sleeping with me, they still love my show. That’s the best part for sure, that you discover yourself through camming and become the star you’ve always dreamt of. That sort of sex-positive affirmation is priceless and there’s no substitute for it.

Of course no system is perfect and there can always be drawbacks. Being a cam star means having to sometimes be strict with oneself. It’s a sad reality, but often people think you can just start up your cam and do any old anything, but it’s not true. Cam stars are artists, yes, but we are also entrepreneurs. Putting on a good show means being dedicated to a quality product, loving yourself and ensuring you do everything to cherish your own brand. We’re not robots, we can’t be perfect all the time, but knowingly doing a half-ass job on your own cam show is kinda lazy and it’s an easy rut to get stuck in. So yes it’s a drawback to be strict about our appearance and hygiene, but it’s a high-quality problem and lets you be your own biggest critic safely.

On top of being a cam girl you also shoot your own content for OnlyFans and ManyVids. What kind of content do you shoot for those platforms and what would you consider your favorite kind of content?

Oh being a star in the adult industry means diversification, absolutely! My exact recipe for how and what content to shoot for specific platforms is a secret haha but I will say that each platform has its unique features and benefits not only for the models but also for the fans that subscribe there. Some platforms allow their stars to accept specific custom videos orders, like ManyVids for example, where customers can fill out an order form and select items they like and write a description of what they want, and the model has the choice to accept it or not. Other platforms offer different features and thus, to quote Marshall McLuhan, “the medium is the message” or at the very least the medium affects the message.

As for what I consider my favourite kind of content, so far my favourite content has involved gaping myself. So either self-fist or stretching myself out with a huge toy, things like that. I also love just being a pretty girl, in lingerie, innocent girl-next-door type, or uber-professional super-slut, those are all fun themes to play around with, making myself the perfect trophy wife for a demanding Mistress.

Have you thought about jumping into mainstream porn as well as shooting your own content?

Getting into mainstream porn would be incredible and yes I would absolutely jump at the chance. I’ve looked up to so many stars throughout my life and seeing them all succeed and grow and change the world has been such an inspiration. I’ll be honest that if ever I had the chance to do mainstream porn then it would absolutely be in parallel to shooting my own content. The direction of social media and the Internet in general means that we will always be in touch with the public in some way or another, which is a good thing! Nobody wants to be boxed up and have one’s image dictated by some random contract, how utterly inhumane, and for that I’m very thankful the Internet exists now to ensure that will never happen.

What advice would you give someone who wants to enter the adult industry?

Depending on where that person is located in the world, specifically if they’re in the United States of America, I would say it might be a good idea to wait for a few weeks. Right now there is a bit of a delicate climate in the USA and joining the adult industry at this moment might be a bit of a coin flip. It’s not easy for me to recommend waiting, since I love my sexuality and encourage everyone to embrace theirs, but if I lived in the USA I’d want to make sure my launch in porn goes through smoothly.

If you live outside the USA, like in Europe for example, I’d say there’s no time like the present and if you want to start in porn then absolutely do it, but for goodness sake don’t rush it! Joining the adult industry is similar to wearing a scarlet letter, one you will wear your entire life, so wear that invisible badge with honour and pride!

If money wasn’t an issue, what would be your dream scene or movie to make?

Money is a tricky hurdle to overcome, for sure. People tend to think that having unlimited cash means unlimited possibilities, but in my humble experience that’s a logistic trap and having too much money can end up making the product worse. Maybe I’m dreaming in Technicolor but I think the rhetoric that money solves all problems is a tired trope that we’re all probably better off moving past: enough to pay the bills and live comfortably yes, but not filthy rich.

If I can permit myself to rephrase the question, and ask “if time wasn’t an issue” since often we equate time with money but strictly speaking they’re not the same thing, then I can explore the question more wholesomely. A big challenge with porn is that if you shoot a scene that can be mistaken for a non-porn movie then people might watch the scene thinking it’s not porn and they might end up watching some heavy hardcore lovemaking that they weren’t expecting. So if time weren’t an issue, I’d want to make a movie that’s available in two versions: one that’s XXX-rated, and one with perhaps a different lens and the XXX scenes edited out. That way I could create a super high quality movie that can be shown in theatres, and restrict the XXX version for the Internet where we can keep it behind an age-gate or require users to agree to Terms Of Service or something like that.

In that example, money isn’t really the issue but time is more of a factor. Timing the production process in a way that the XXX version isn’t leaked before the theatrical release for example. There are other examples of why, ironically, money is a poor substitute for time, but I think I made my point.

As for the topic of the scene or movie, I’d love to do a porn wedding. That would be super hot, full stripper outfit with clear heels, corset, and ass plugged of course. That would be so much fun to film and collaborate on!

Who are some of the people you would like to work with, but you haven’t had the chance to yet?

The list is long! It’s difficult for me to name names, on the one hand because I’m very new to the industry and among my adult performer colleagues I’m still sorta getting my bearings on which stars would want to shoot with me. Call me shy if you must, but the last thing I’d want as a performer is to feel pressured to shoot with anyone, and likewise for anyone else with me. There’s usually a pecking order, just like any industry, and hopefully we can all collectively figure out where to put me in that order. I’m just happy to be here and to have collaborated with the amazing people I’ve already met and connected with.

Any performer who wants to shoot with me can contact me through any number of ways, and I’m always open to making new connections! Working together also doesn’t necessarily mean both being in front of the camera!

Who would you say are your idols or personal heroes, either within the industry or not?

For the most part I would say my idols and personal heroes are people who challenge the status quo. Everyone who works in porn does that on a daily basis, which is what makes porn so exciting and fun. That said, people who work in porn who go through with things like breast augmentation are incredibly brave. Extreme anal play is also an incredible accomplishment that oddly we take for granted sometimes. Heck even just posing nude in front of a camera is a huge huge accomplishment for many! I realize most of the things I just listed I also embody, but I stand by my statements. I’ve looked up to so many adult performers and for me to participate in the adult industry means embracing the acts of those courageous people, and actions speak louder than words. If I had to pick a few people in the industry to call them my hero, I’d say Roxy Raye would be among them, Nadia Love also, and Angela White, to name just a few.

As for people outside of the adult industry, I have a personal profound respect for the modern philosophers today. They are the closest thing the scientific community has to spiritual guides, shaman, sherpas or sages. Yes I studied Philosophy in university, although I never finished my degree, but the dedicated Philosophers of today who make their living challenging our collective views of the present, past and future are as much heroes as our paramedics and doctors: they are both, or all three perhaps, unsung heroes that we owe our sanity to, especially now throughout our fight against COVID-19. Who specifically are some of my heroes outside of the industry? Malala Yousafzai is far up that list, easily Betty White, and Arnold Schwarzenegger among many, many more.

If you could have a conversation with anyone, dead or alive, who would that be and why?

What a metaphysical question! Such a difficult question and so many ways to answer. Let me impose on your generosity for a moment and add in fictional characters to the list, meaning people in novels, TV shows, or movies. As a student of Philosophy I’d love to have a three-way conversation between myself, a fictional character and the actor who portrayed them. Now that would be a fascinating conversation to be a part of. Recently I’ve been watching a lot of science fiction shows and seeing how those characters would interact with their actors, or between themselves, is a really fascinating mental exercise if you can allow yourself to think abstractly.

On the topic of philosophy, I’d love to talk with Aristotle or Socrates, or Miguel de Cervantes or William Shakespeare. Talk with them about how life was back when they were alive compared to what it’s like now, and if they had any advice for us for the future. I often find myself wondering how humanity in 10,000 years will view the present and whether we will seem as uncultured to them as the Babylonians or Mesopotamians seem to us.

What sort of things do you like to do when you aren’t working? Any hobbies?

I love hobbies and learning new skills! As an entrepreneur, getting the chance to work on new projects is a pleasure but it can be a vice. I’m a very curious person and knowing how much I love to learn new things, if I let myself get lost in a new project every time something new crosses my screen, I’d never get anything done. I will say though that keeping up with some sort of physical exercise has been a passion of mine throughout my life, whether it’s bike riding, swimming, skating, or even just going for walks. Staying physically fit in porn is also an important part of the job, so I guess we can argue that sport isn’t exactly a hobby for me but regardless it’s still fun and great for mental health.

Reading is a wonderful hobby that I love to indulge in as often as possible, but admittedly most of what I read and write relates to my professional life in some way. Television is a great escape, whether that’s a hobby or not is debatable, likewise for listening to music or the radio, and of course watching movies, both porn and mainstream.

Are there any projects or special events coming up that you would like to promote, if so please do so?

Goodness there isn’t much I can share without spoiling the surprise! Right now during the pandemic and while I juggle that I’m still evicted and without a permanent residence, I will respectfully decline and invite everyone to follow me on social media for updates! 2019 was a wild ride but 2021 has the potential to be even better, rest assured.

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