Interview With N3rdyMind3d

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Cam model/content creator is almost synonymous today. Do you think pretty much all cam models are taking to creating longer, more extensive content?

I feel like creators aren’t creating longer content so much as they are focusing on content that feels more authentic to them and the image/brand they’re trying to build.

Following, do a good percentage of the ladies you know in your profession move on to scene work?

I wouldn’t say a good percentage. I think it’s based on what your personal and professional goals are for yourself. However, as you look to build a brand or a sustainable income, diversification is the name of the game. So, a good percentage of the people I know do have multiple streams of income whether that’s from clip sites, subscriptions, camming, scene work, monetization, etc.

In your dozen years of experience as a sex worker, what changes have you seen come to the industry…good and bad?

Oh my, I could write a book on changes just in the past five years let alone the past decade or so. On a positive note, I feel like we’re having meaningful discussions about and instituting progressive change within the industry. People are becoming more vocal about issues like workers’ rights, unions, racism, and decriminalization. And while the issues are far from eradicated, I think conversations like that are pushing us in the right direction.

On the flip side of that: the introduction of FOSTA/SESTA, the subsequent changes it triggered in state legislation, and the increased risks/damage to ourselves, and our livelihood has been devastating. Most recently, Mastercard’s new, and in my opinion, purposefully vague restrictions, on adult content leave many of us concerned about the privacy and safety of our personal information and how to adhere to the ever-changing guidelines.

I say quietly stepping off my soapbox.

How does one avoid getting burned out working in this high-pressure intimate business for so long?

Self-care, self-care, and more self-care!! A long soak in the bath, getting out in nature, gaming, and getting lost in a book are my favorite ways to decompress. I also schedule my content in advance on multiple platforms. That way, I’m still covered when I need a little break or a mental health day.

And does it feel long to you? 

(She laughs), It really doesn’t hit me until someone says, ‘Hey do you remember when…?’ and I instantly feel my age as it all floods back to me like I’m old Rose reminiscing about my time on the Titanic!

Let’s talk about your ‘persona,’ for want of a better word; calling yourself N3rdyMind3d! How did that come about? Does that come from your love of gaming and anime?

I was having drinks with some friends of mine a few years back and we were complaining about the raunchy pick-up lines we kept getting on these dating sites. I said something along the lines of ‘If they’d only talk nerdy to me but they’re all just dirty minded.’ Where are all the nerdy minded ones at?” Which led to it being a tag line on my dating profile “nerdy minded seeking same” and eventually my stage name because it describes me so well.

It seems with the advent of blistering fast technology changing the landscape constantly, can we assume that the nerds will inherit the Earth?

Undoubtedly so (she laughs).


Following…is it indeed technology that makes gaming and porn such close bedfellows or something else?

In my opinion, they’re both visually stimulating, provide a form of escapism, and allow artistic expression. They were destined to cross paths; technology just provided the access.

Here’s the usual rounds of questions…fave types of scenes to shoot?

I’m known for my blowjob scenes, but I love B/G/G or Fetish scenes.

Oddest requests?

The custom roleplay requests I receive leave me floored on occasion.

Top 3 scenes you’d love to do but haven’t?

– Dom/sub scenario where I’m submissive

– A bi/pan MMF

– Rope or bondage

What’s coming up for you in 2024?

It’s the year of firsts for me! I’m attending my 1st AVN, 1st time guest starring on a podcast, and releasing a ton of new scenes from 1st time collaborations. I’m so excited!

Where can we find you?

I make it super simple! You can find me almost everywhere @n3rdymind3d with 3’s instead of e’s or at

Thank you so much for having me!



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 Josh Triggs at 3MI Photography/ IG: @3mifoto

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