Interview with Snowy Angel

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Hello Snowy, for those who might not know you please let us know you are and please describe yourself?

I’ve been a camgirl and content creator for 6 fun-filled years in this industry! I’m a 2x award winner for the Ynot Cam Awards (Best Props in 2018 and Most Creative Model in 2021). I’ve also been nominated for “Favorite Camgirl” in the AVN awards in 2019 as well as nominated for Best Fetish Cam Model in 2022 for the Ynot Awards. I absolutely love what I do! I perform live cam shows on my #1 and main cam site, Streamate! I also film various clips each month for my 2 main clip sites Iwantclips and Clips4sale. You can expect a variety of content and live shows from me from femdom to fetishes and I love filming boy/girl content with my man as well as girl/girl content with other models! I love seeking out unique, secluded areas to film outdoors as well! So you better believe there’s always something epic, kinky, and exciting happening with me

What prompted you to join the adult industry?

It all started back in late December 2016-early January 2017. I was working as a bank teller and wasn’t fully happy there. I felt like I didn’t fit in and the work itself wasn’t really ideal to my interests. I wanted a change but wasn’t sure how or if it was ever going to happen. I lived in a very small town at the time where the population was around 2,000 people so I knew other work opportunities were scarce. However, once my car broke down and required thousands of dollars in repair along with my partner losing his job I knew we needed to figure something else out. We had cammed together on Chaturbate before during the summer just for fun but then thought about trying again to see if it could be profitable. We decided to have me try camming solo while my partner handled all of the technical aspects and behind the scenes work. From there things really started taking off! I made double the money in one day compared to what I ever could make at my vanilla job as a bank teller. It felt like a dream come true! Within a few weeks I was able to quit my job at the bank and cam full time on Chaturbate. I did this for the entire month of January  before seeking out Streamate which is now my main cam site. I preferred Streamate instantly after trying it out for one night because I loved the fact you get paid for everything you do on there and it’s set up for private and exclusive shows specifically versus performing for tokens in free chat. I was more popular on Chaturbate for private shows anyways so Streamate turned out to be the best site for me as a result!

So you have been a cam girl for six years now.What would you say is your favorite part about being on cam?

I love the fact that Streamate offers private and exclusive shows as the main way to perform for your fans! I enjoy having the one on one time to fully indulge in a fetish the fan enjoys or be able to fully get into something with a fan without too many interruptions from others wanting different things all at once. Plus the requests never get old! There’s always something different or unique I can do whether it involves feet/ass worship, giantess play, CEI, or even straight-up masturbation shows! I love engaging with my fans and shocking/surprising them with certain aspects in my shows (for example they ask for anal masturbation and see how much my ass can stretch and tighten back up in an instant or when they ask for double penetration with my dildos and I end up flipping over backwards and forwards while they stay balls deep inside me hehe it’s like a sexy circus in there!) It’s always a spontaneous blast in my cam room and in more ways than one if you know what I mean !!!

You also produce your own content. For those that don’t know, what kind of content do you make and where can people find them?

There’s no doubt I film a wide variety of content from fetishes such as feet, elbows/armpit, stockings/pantyhose, wet&messy play, giantess, pee, spit play, tongue fetish, ignore fetish, smoking fetish, wedgies as well as more femdom content such as CEI, JOI/edging games, anal training, pegging, foot domination, SPH, cuck fantasy, boot worship, ass worship, feet worship, tease & denial, ruined orgasm, chastity, findom and CBT to name a few. I also love filming masturbation (both solo and dual with other female talent). I’m huge into anal play whether it’s giving or receiving or doing my famous tricks with my ass like gaping it wide and closing it air tight! I thoroughly enjoy creating content both solo and with various other female models and boy/girl exclusively with my partner. I have also filmed virtually with other cam models such as Jade Ireland. With her being all the way in Ireland and me in the USA we found filming together on Zoom has been so much fun and a huge hit with our fans! Additionally, as I’ve been branching out and doing collabs both in person and virtually with other female models I’ve been creating a lot more kinky and sexy girl/girl roleplays which have been a major blast! I also constantly love seeking out new abandoned outdoor spots to get frisky and film! There’s something about the vibe of being outside when the sun is shining and maybe there’s a slight breeze hitting your nude body just right- It’s just so exhilirating to want to go all out for that filming session! My outdoor photoshoots are also my absolute favorites! You can find my vast amount of content on my clip stores Iwantclips and Clips4sale. I have also just started a Loyalfans this year where you can find all of my outdoor photoshoots as well as my outdoor clips and more! You can find my pee content exclusively on Clips4sale and my newest site Tempted Fa

If money weren’t an option, what would your dream scene or other content be?

This is a great question It would be an absolute dream of mine to be able to travel around the world and go to places like Jamaica, Costa Rica, Italy, Japan, Ireland, Spain (the list could definitely go on!) But being able to travel everywhere and meet all sorts of other cam models and film with them in beautiful various spots would be truly amazing! I mean this would be taking “sex on the beach” to a whole other level So any of my fans want to help fund this?

Cam girls get requests all the time. What would you say are some of the most unusual requests you have received over the years?

Ever heard of a fetish for the flintstones?!  I have had one consistent request from a member on Streamate who obsesses over Fred Flintstone’s dirty feet and pressing down on the pedal of the Flintstone car while playing the theme song. Never would have guessed that would be an ongoing show for me! I also have had requests from a fan to draw faces on either my bare toes or on a pair of white socks and perform a puppet show. I don’t think anything else has topped these two but hey I’m only 6 years in- I can foresee something even more unusual happening it’s only a matter of time haha!

Who are some of the people you would like to work with but haven’t had a chance to yet?

During the AVNs I was almost certain I would work with fellow cam model/content creator The Lewd Noodle. I met her when I was a guest on Table Topless which performs live naughty DND streams every Wednesday night. We instantly hit it off and kept in touch and were very excited to meet at the AVNs this past January. However, things were a bit chaotic upon arriving and we never had the chance to film like we wanted to. So I hope in the future we get the chance to have that incredible collab we’ve been dreaming up together!

I also hope to work with the fantastic traveling fetish model ZIva Fey in the near future and the stunning Divine Daisy! There may also be plans with the beautiful, mesmerizing camgirl Amber Stark in the very near future *fingers crossed*. Me and the pee queen, Kactus Kutie, have also discussed filming together so I really hope things can work out there too

I ended up meeting the Chaturbate camgirl Danni G at the Ynot cam awards in 2022 (who was nominated for Best Diva Camstar) and we had hoped to collab during our time in Hollywood together but unfortunately it never panned out so we still are hoping it can happen one day! (On a side note- I advise any models who plan to go to a convention or awards show that want to collab with others to give yourself a few extra days there to be sure you have enough time for everything!!! You need to be sure you have time to settle in, see everything you want to see, go to the main event, and then have the time set aside for filming).

I’ve also been talking with camgirl/content creator Maria Anjel about possibly streaming together and filming some hot content this year! I also hope to potentially work with Streamate models Natalia Rae, Wholesomefilth/Zoe Grace, Lily Lovecraft, Chloe Nightmare, Lilly Storm, Ivvy Rain, and Megan Mistakes in the near future!

I must say I’m really open to filming and working with any female model that wants to! I could make an even bigger list but these are the most recent ones I have discussed potentially collaborating with this year! And of course I can’t forget about all of my cam girlfriends I know that are a bit long distance from me but still have high hopes maybe one day we’ll be able to meet and collab together such as a Streamate model I’m very close with named Nikki Norwalk (as well as the gorgeous Canadian cam model Goddess Valkyrie Rose and another beautiful camgirl outside of the USA named Venxs).

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about getting into the adult industry?

Go for it!!! Don’t hold back and be the best, most confident You every step of the way! If you are reflecting your most positive and beautiful attributes + personality on camera, your fans will notice and enjoy it tremendously while looking forward to seeing more! Perform things you enjoy doing the most! If you don’t like something you used to you can always change it and rebuild your brand- remember there’s a unique model out there for the variety  of audiences watching so if you liked doing a fetish or niche one year and decide you don’t the next you can always dive into something new that intrigues you! Don’t give up and find what works ideally for you and your brand! Remember to take time for self care and rejuvenation as well. No one wants to see a model struggling, tired, or feeling burnt out. We are in a creative industry and I feel it’s crucial to take time for yourself so you can feel super refreshed and inspired to go back and create the most amazing new content or live performances after. Also if you are considering working with others just remember that being a little nervous before a shoot is totally normal, and more than likely, the other person may be a little nervous also. This is totally okay, just keep in your mind all of the exciting factors that led you to this collab and give yourself that push to go for it and bring out the best! It will turn out better than you ever expected

In terms of the technical side of things, I wanted to mention that it’s a great idea to keep up to date with the newest camera equipment, studio lighting, and video editing programs that are out there to enhance your work to the most optimal quality it can be! I recently started filming in 4K and it has been a total game changer! Don’t settle for less, give yourself the best always! And just wanted to remind you that you’re beautiful, capable, talented and awesome always, you can do it!

Who would you say are your idols or personal heroes, either within the industry or not?

I have idols and personal heros both outside and inside the industry. Let me start with those that are not in the industry.

Alex Grey and Allyson Grey: They are two psychedelic visionary artists who have always inspired me with their profoundly beautiful, eye catching artwork! They have also created an art sanctuary together called the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors and have recently built a temple for their art called Entheon which will be opening in the springtime. I find their ongoing success and mind expanding artwork to be super inspiring and motivating to my own creative side. They have taught me to shine on optimistically and to always seek out my creative callings and create a life you truly love! I’ve made lists of my ideals and goals and wrote just how I can get there thanks to their wonderful advice. They have been together for decades and their ongoing love and talent is truly amazing to me! They never gave up on their dreams and worked hard to make them a reality which is something I hold to my own endeavors greatly.

Danny Carey: He is the drummer of Tool and, to me, the best drummer in the world! I love how humble he is at the craft and is such a laid back, happy person all around! I got the pleasure of meeting him at a jazz club he plays at in Studio City and he was so friendly and fun to talk to! I feel like there needs to be more Danny Careys in the world! I feel like he is also one of the most positive forces in the band Tool which is something I try to take into my own personality and work. Being positive and staying optimistic is so crucial!

Justin Chancellor: The bassist of Tool who taught me to stay original and true to myself. He’s a bassist who says to other bass players don’t just cover songs, write your own music! This speaks volumes to me because I don’t want to be someone to just follow the herd or do what everyone else does; I always strive to keep things unique and original + do something no one has ever seen before!

Alice Cooper: They don’t call him the man and the legend for nothing! Alice Cooper is a continual inspiration for me to not be afraid to be a total freak and put in a shock factor in my own work. I also find it fascinating how long Alice Cooper has been performing and still puts on an AMAZING show every time! From continuing to keep his voice trained to sing well and having the energy to bounce around on stage and put in so much time and effort into the theatrics and instrumentals of his performance is unlike any other to me. I also really enjoy most of his music from his most popular albums like Welcome To My Nightmare and Hey Stoopid to the obscure albums like Brutal Planet. He has never quit making music and going on tour and you can tell just how much he loves what he does throughout! His strong-willed passionate energy for his music continues to motivate me in my own work within the industry. I also love the energy his music gives off in my cam room as you will hear Alice Cooper playing quite often when I’m live streaming! (This also holds true with the band Tool). They are definitely my top 2 music heroes!

Now for those within the industry!

Nikki Norwalk: One of my closest cam girlfriends who I feel I’d be lost without. As soon as I followed her on social media I was instantly drawn to her style and loved the fact we had similar music taste. We started talking and became friends in 2021 and I idolize how much she has her own niche and is so successful at the mind melting femdom she puts out to her audience. There’s definitely no one else like Nikki in the industry and I feel so grateful I’ve gotten to know her. She has helped keep me motivated during some of the tougher, slower nights on cam and is always offering advice and insight to me when I need it most. She is such a sweet and kind-hearted soul who always knows how to make me smile! If you haven’t seen her cam shows or videos you really haven’t fully experienced life yet ;) Go binge on her!

Notyerbebe (Goddess Charlie Cake): Another camgirl I’ve been super close with and am beyond grateful to know and have her friendship. After taking a brief hiatus from doing collabs with other models, she was the first I started working with again after my hiatus. At the time I was very nervous beforehand after it was about a year and a half of not working with other models or even really going out and socializing. However, as soon as I met up with Notyerbebe we instantly hit it off and she made me feel super comfortable and happy! :) Her awesome energy was contagious and I had an absolute blast with her (and I always do every time we reunite). She also invited me to her Discord group exclusively for models to vent about anything whether its industry related or not and have the ability to share cute artwork, memes, and new outfits, as well as keep each other motivated and inspired with affirmations. I never felt more accepted until meeting Notyerbebe back in 2021 and she has only boosted my confidence  from then on :) I can’t thank her enough for this! She is also a super experienced domme who has done in person sessions as well as femdom cam shows and clips. I look up to her in all areas of femdom and fetishes and has taught me a few things that has really enhanced my own femdom shows and work.

Serene Siren: A well known lesbian pornstar who I find to be a total knock out and super passionate in every performance she takes on. I also love that she is exclusively a girl/girl performer and I feel really brings out the sexiest attributes in every woman she works with! There’s never a scene she’s in that doesn’t totally make me melt… I always await her newest content and am so excited to see what she’ll be doing next! It would be a total dream if I ever got the chance to be in a hot girl/girl scene with her ;) I can’t even imagine!!!

Ember Snow: A well known pornstar who has performed a wide variety of scenes over the years and I’m just so thrilled I stumbled upon her girl/girl content. I find her super captivating, drop dead gorgeous, and so creative! I’m especially inspired by her original work such as “Ember Snow’s girl crushes” and “Ember Does America.” She is truly living the dream and it gives me the motivation to not give up and continue creating my own original/unique content! (And omg if I ever got the chance to collab with her I’d practically die, it would be another dream come true!)

Sia Steph: I find Sia Steph to not only be amazingly beautiful but also one of the smartest women in our industry! I tune into her podcast “Stripped By Sia” every week and always enjoy the different guests that are on the show to speak their insight and tackle/overcome the controversies in sex work. Sia always has great questions to ask her guests and truly listens and provides wonderful feedback to everything they have to say. She also travels to some of the coolest places from what I’ve seen on her social media and indulges in some of the most delicious meals I’ve seen! (Can’t forget to mention she has a food channel too! Go on Youtube and check out “Sia Slurps”!) She is multi talented and super intelligent and inspiring to me in the industry from her podcast to her pole dancing and her sparkling personality all around!

Katie Morgan + Evan Stone: I find them both to be two of the most inspiring and incredible pornstars in this industry! I give all the props and credit to Evan Stone for being in the industry for so long and still kicks ass and films scenes all of the time! I love how he’s in such creatively different roleplays and has a light hearted and humurous personality! I always enjoy seeing him at different conventions like AVNs this past year and when I intially met him at Exxxotica in 2017. I thought it was so awesome I could see both him and Katie Morgan hosting a seminar at Exxxotica and it was truly unforgettable. I still remember when Evan Stone pointed me out from the entire audience and said “we have an award winning camgirl in the audience right over there” and gestures my way.. My jaw almost hit the floor I couldn’t believe it! At the time I was nominated for the AWA’s as Top New Cam Model for 2018, one of my very first nominations. I also got to go up and talk to both him and Katie Morgan after the seminar. I totally felt like I was on cloud 9 :) It was amazing seeing them again at the AVNs this past January as well! I couldn’t resist taking some photos with Katie Morgan and felt like the luckiest chick on the planet when I could slip a 20 dollar bill in her bra ;) I find her to be one of the most stunningly talented pornstars EVER! She’s been in the game for so long and every scene she puts out is always absolute fire! I always enjoy her newest lesbian scenes ;) She continues to inspire me to not give up and that there will always be a place for me in this industry to perform and put out my wide variety of content. (Let’s not even get into how I would feel if I ever got the chance to be on set with her…I mean OMG!!! ) ;) She’s a total dream without a doubt! Oh and she’s a killer actress too! One of my favorite movies to this day is “Zack and Miri Make a Porno.”

If you could have a conversation with anyone, dead or alive, who would that be and why?

I can’t choose just one person so here are my answers!

Adam Jones (the guitarist of Tool): It would be so cool to talk to him about his special effects work over the years in movies such as Jurassic Park and Predator 2. I feel like those movies wouldn’t be the same without the time he put in on the special effects for certain characters and I’d love to talk with him about what the process was like working on those movies and what he liked/disliked most about it. I also would love to know how he felt when the band Tool was forming and what intial ideas he had for the band. I also would love to ask him specific guitar questions for my partner since he also plays guitar and some of his favorite songs to play are indeed by Tool! :) It would also be awesome to find out if there’s any hidden riffs he wants to use for Tool in the future or things that didn’t make the cut. And I’m sure he could tell me when they plan on touring again and releasing another new album or music video. Oh and of course that reminds me- I’d have to ask him about the behind the scenes work for all of the Tool music videos and the animation behind it (especially their newest video for a newer song called Opiate 2 a rendition of the original Opiate from Tool’s very first album).

Alice and Sheryl Cooper: Oh would I love to be able to sit in a room with them and talk about how they’ve been so successful all these years and such a power couple together! :) Although they did have a brief time apart they continued on and only made their love grow stronger. I find this so sweet and inspiring to my own life and relationship. I’d also have some questions for Alice about his various tours all these years and the different special effect performances for his songs like “Feed My Frankenstein” “Welcome to My Nightmare” and “I Love the Dead”  to name a few. I definitely would have to ask Sheryl about her skincare routine and what beauty products she uses as well. She looks absolutely astounding for her age!!! I thought she was about 20 years younger than she really is. I couldn’t believe her age after finding out. But if I can look at least half as good as her at that point I’ll be happy. She’s such a beautiful soul inside and out :) I’d also be interested to discuss her love for dance and the highlights of her dancing career

What sort of things do you like to do when you aren’t working? Any hobbies?

I love to go on long hikes or scenic walks in my area (and yes even if I’m not doing frisky filming at the same time lol)! I find it so peaceful and relaxing to be in the great outdoors and become one with nature seeing a beautiful mountain view or a gorgeous sunset! I also enjoy seeing historic stone walls or some kind of rare outdoor landmark that has been preserved for thousands of years, it definitely fascinates me and I enjoy seeking out places that have something ike this. I also enjoy swimming and going to the beach catching the waves of the ocean. Summer is my favorite time of year for this reason. I love the warmth, sand and sun so much!

I also love going to concerts and art exhibits. The past few years I’ve been able to see my favorite bands Tool and Alice Cooper while they were on tour as well as the band Puscifer (who has the same lead singer as Tool). I’ve been to an erotic art show in my area and was pleased to be able to support the community there by buying a new erotic ink print for my cam room. I’ve also been able to experience seeing rare, never before seen work from my two favorite artists Alex and Allyson Grey when they had an exhibit open called “The Beyond Within.” I’ll never forget seeing those paintings and sculpltures full scale for the first time and especially the ones that were never released until that exhibit. They also had their work come to life in 3D thanks to the making of the Meow Wolf Exhibit! If you ever want to be put into a reality that’s psychedelic, trippy, and put you through a whirlwind of total awesomeness I recommend seeing all of what Meow Wolf has to offer and especially the Infinitizer Room that exclusively features the work of Alex and Allyson Grey.

My hippie soul also has the dream and goal of attending a festival for the first time ever in the near future. And of course having more opportunities to travel and see more of our beautiful world.

I’m also a huge collector and enjoy finding rare or valuable concert posters and sometimes even being able to buy them for myself. I have a whole room dedicated to my Tool concert posters (having both signed and unsigned work) as well as Tool band memorabilia like a signed drumstick from the drummer himself, official guitar picks from the band, signed sneakers that have Tool album artwork printed on the shoes, and tons of signed Tool CDs. Being an art enthusiast I always love finding new official art prints/stickers/tapestries from my favorite artists such as Alex and Allyson Grey, Chet Zar, Dan Morris and JNK Artworks! I also collect Hello Kitty plushies, trippy style pins, and Funko Pops

Are there any projects or special events coming up that you would like to promote, if so please do so?

You can look forward to my newest platform Loyalfans really popping and taking off with new content this year! I await doing more girl/girl collabs and maybe (hopefully) even a boy/girl/girl collab with my partner. I’m also just starting to do themed featured shows on another new site Tempted Fans- you can await new wet&messy content such as slime shows, cake sitting shows, and cake stomping shows. I also am excited to film more content dually from these shows as I’ll be doing a kinky bath/shower stream and maybe even a featured show somewhere secluded outside. I’m hoping in March I’ll have the chance to film with fetish model Ziva Fey for the first time ever as well as reconnect and collab with the ever amazing wet & messy + wedgie queen LarzStord. Me and Larz had the best time ever last summer filming content and I can’t wait to do it again soon! I’ve also been talking a lot with Divine Daisy about making something happen soon so I hope to announce a collab with her and new content in the very near future! It also seems very promising I’ll be getting the fantastic opportunity to meet and film with Amber Stark so I’m excited to hopefully announce our debut content together on all of my platforms too. I can also confirm that on March 7th, me and streamate model Jade Ireland will be reuniting on Zoom to bring you another “hotter than hell” virtual collab along with models Kiley Corrupt and LoFlower. You can look forward to some sexy St Patricks day clips from us and more surprises! I strongly recommend following my Twitter account, @Princesssnow757 for all of my up to date streams, new video uploads, and collab work upcoming! There’s always something exciting going down with me, just wait and see ;)

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