Introducing Sapphic September

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Sappho, for those that have never heard of her, was an ancient Greek poet of high regard in both her own time as well as today. She hailed from the island of Lesbos and is thus the namesake for two words indicating love and desire between two women, sapphic and lesbian, and with that I introduce Sapphic September, a project I hope will be an annual event here at AIPdaily.

While the whole month won’t solely concentrate on lesbian porn, I am very excited o announce that for this first foray into this Sapphic celebration, I will be doing something I have thought about doing for a number of years and it is now a reality.

Starting this Friday, September 3rd 2021, I will be posting sets of reviews for one of the most highly regarded all-girl porn series in history, Where the Boys Aren’t. There are a total of 19 full length features produced by Vivid Entertainment and 4 standalone scenes made by, which acquired Vivid, and each week I will post reviews in blocks of 5 a piece in release order. The final post will include the final four features and the four individual.

I hope you all enjoy this labor of love and I hope to get feedback as the month goes on. The best way to do that will be Twitter @AIPChristina.

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