Kellie Shin Serves Up the Spice on The Michael Colyar Morning Show

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Los Angeles, CA ) — Kellie Shin recently had the pleasure of chatting with comedian and media personality Michael Colyar as a featured guest on the 750th episode of his popular podcast, The Michael Colyar Morning Show.
“Everybody hide the kids!” Colyar jokes as Shin makes her auspicious debut as the first-ever adult entertainer to appear on the show. The pair engages in lighthearted banter in German before Colyar, aka “The King of Love”, quizzes Shin about her personal and professional life prior to joining the industry full-time as a content creator in 2021, the creative and financial benefits of producing independent films and her goals for the future.
“I’m glad you asked me that, because I’m on my way there, making that transition,” remarks Shin in response to Colyar’s query. “Production! I love being behind the camera and capturing moments and scenes and beauty… that makes me very happy.”
Shin’s interview on The Michael Colyar Morning Show is now available on Michael Colyar’s official YouTube channel at
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