Nafty Sets the Bar for NFT Ambassadors & Brings a Wealth of Experience to the Marketplace

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(San Francisco, CA) Nafty, the token created for the adult industry, is quickly becoming the go-to for creators and consumers. The company has industry vets behind them. Plus, they’re selecting the best ambassadors and setting the bar for how they are paid, the perks they get, and valuing them as an asset.  

One of the big things that set Nafty apart from other adult crypto companies in the industry experience behind them. Nafty’s team has over 40 years of experience in the adult industry with a proven track record of launching and managing successful sites and projects in the adult industry.   

Nafty has also set the bar on how they treat and reward their ambassadors. Ambassadors are paid to post to their social media platforms, they’re prominently featured on the Nafty Art page, get a PR team behind them, and get some of the highest NFT percentages offered. Plus, Nafty is not a fly-by-night company—they’re the first company of their kind with their own platform that’s live, and you can buy their products now.  

“While other companies are kicking their ambassadors to the curb, we are bringing on more and have some huge upcoming announcements. We are not outsiders, and we have tons of adult experience—we know how to build and maintain a successful product and the importance of treating our ambassadors well. We value our ambassadors and know their reputations bring a lot to the table and our success,” says Nafty CBDO Jeff Dillon.   For more information on Nafty, go to  

Models interested in Nafty’s Ambassador program and content creators should contact Jeff Dillion via email at Jeff.D@NaftyArt.c

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